3 Celebrities With Rectangle Body Shapes

  • May 11, 2022
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3 Celebrities With Rectangle Body Shapes


A celebrity’s appearance is the primary factor that the audience appraises and admires in them. From their outfits to hairstyles, their fashion sense is a highly debatable topic for television viewers. The same goes for their body shapes which categorizes their beauties in different terms. Pear-shaped or rectangle, the celebrities have earned a name for themselves in the glamor industry wherein beauty quotients have severe contrasts and competition for stealing the show is always present in the backdrop. 

Today, we are going to have a look at the celebrities with rectangle body shapes who have stolen hearts time and again. 

1. Gigi Hadid 

Gigi Hadid-Celebrities With Rectangle Body Shapes
Credits: Instagram

First up on the list of celebrities with rectangle body shapes is one of the most inspiring models in the contemporary world – Gigi Hadid. Gigi started her modeling career at the dainty age of 2 when she was discovered by Paul Marciano of Guess. Thereafter, she resumed her career in 2011 and was named the face of the Guess campaign in the following year. Gigi Hadid is not your typical model solely influencing fans through brand promotions and charismatic pictures. In the American fashion industry, Gigi has earned the limelight for herself due to her laid-back and authentic appearances time and again. 

Gigi has a rectangular body shape and she carries it so well. Either on the ramp walk or with the paparazzi, Gigi has never disappointed her fans with her effortless stride. 


2. Cameron Diaz 

Cameron Diaz-Celebrities With Rectangle Body Shapes
Credits: Instagram

Next on the list of celebrities with rectangle body shapes is one of her era’s most bankable actresses – Cameron Diaz. Known for her roles in rom-coms like ‘There’s Something About Mary, Cameron Diaz has always left her fans spellbound with her gorgeous demeanor. Cameron accents her body shape by wearing lewks wherein every piece compliments her figure and creates a perfect symphony of outdoorsy saunter and media photoshoots. 

3. Sheryl Crow 

Sheryl Crow-Celebrities With Rectangle Body Shapes
Credits: Instagram

One of the other celebrities with rectangle body shapes is Sheryl Crow. Musician, singer, and actress who practices her art in eclectic fields ranging from jazz to pop, Sheryl Crow is also a ritzy diva who has frequently enjoyed the spotlight for channeling her love of leathers which accents her body and creates the perfect boss lady vibe. Sheryl Crow is a simple enchantress who rocks every lewk on her perfectly rectangular body shape. 

Now we know that our favorite celebs can effortlessly pull off any look with their confident dispositions and we like them in every way. 

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