7 Celebrities With Eczema 

  • April 7, 2022
  • 5 min read
7 Celebrities With Eczema 

We all have concerns related to skin that continuously bug us, especially during the summers. With the onset of warm weather, it is natural to be interested in knowing about severe skin conditions that can be affected by the Sun. Today we are telling you about one such condition – Eczema and celebrities with Eczema. 

What is Eczema? 

Also known as Atopic Dermatitis, Eczema is a skin condition wherein rashes cause redness and itching. Dry scaly patches are formed on the skin which prompt continuous rubbing and scratching. Eczema causes the skin to blister or flake off and be extremely discomforting in the long run. 

What causes Eczema? 

The most common reason for flaring eczema is genes. Eczema is a genetic condition that can be passed on to children biologically. Skincare takes a back seat and any individual might get eczema due to their genes which is why there are many notable celebrities with Eczema.  Other reasons may include environmental factors like dust and smoke that can stimulate allergies. 

How to cure Eczema? 

Eczema can be cured in the following ways which are also trusted by certain celebrities with Eczema.

  • Medications under medical guidance 
  • Avoiding Irritants 
  • Barrier Creams 
  • Moisturization 
  • Phototherapy 

List of 7 Celebrities with Eczema 

1. Kate Middleton 

Kate Middleton-Celebrities with Eczema 
Credits: Instagram

A flawless exterior can contain episodes of strong internal turmoil. It is only natural to develop eczema during teenage due to several genetic factors and Kate Middleton is an example of a celebrity with extreme atrophic dermatitis who got bullied in school at the age of 13 over her dry and flaky skin. According to the duchess’ friend this episode in her life caused her to be conscious of her looks and personality. 

Kate Middleton’s eczema hasn’t healed but soothed due to continuous measures and she takes all the precautionary steps to avoid worsening her condition. This is reflected in why this celebrity with eczema doesn’t take the front seat at the royal family’s equestrian events as her condition can flare due to allergies to horses. 

2. Adele 

Adele-Celebrities with Eczema 
Credits: Instagram

Next on our list of celebrities with eczema is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins MBE. Adele has been outspoken about her eczema and in 2013 revealed that she suffers from the skin drying and reddening condition. She told people that soon after having her first child her eczema escalated as a response to boiling bottles. This is an example of contact dermatitis wherein coming in contact with certain substances triggers the condition. 

3. Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington-Celebrities with Eczema 
Credits: Instagram

‘I love Neutrogena’s new serum. And there’s a new Hydroboost gel with SPF in it, which is great, especially during spring and summer.’

Skin hydration is extremely important for people with eczema and the same is upheld by the next personality on our list of celebrities with eczema. An eczema-prone skin needs microscopic attention to avoid irritants and use skin soothing products. 

Kerry has emphasized her journey and evolution with eczema. The celebrity with eczema has been visiting a dermatologist since her childhood and therefore learned patterns of her eczema. In various interviews, the celebrity has also mentioned how budgeting more on skincare will not benefit people with sensitive skin and has endorsed affordable basics which have made the headlines after the celebrity’s cathartic interview. 

4. Brad Pitt 

Brad Pitt-Celebrities with Eczema 
Credits: Instagram

Next on our list of celebrities with eczema is the American actor Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt is known for his splendid acting and his eczema was revealed while filming his sumptuous movie – ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Franklin’. The actor has never admitted to having the skin condition and it was reported by one of his co-stars in the movie. 

Since Brad had to go through outlandish stages of development in the movie, the prosthetic makeup triggered his eczema which was then brought to light by his co-star Cate Blanchette. 

5. Nicole Kidman 

Nicole Kidman-Celebrities with Eczema 
Credits: Instagram

Nicole Kidman is an actress who is adored and admired for her porcelain skin worldwide. Yet, an upheaval in our biological self cannot be concealed. Nicole was found to be a sufferer of this disease when the actress was caught hiding her blemished hands-on camera from a paparazzi. Apparently, Nicole suffers from eczema as she is susceptible to allergies. 

6. Nadia Sawalha 

Nadia Sawalha-Celebrities with Eczema 
Credits: Instagram

Next on our list of celebrities with eczema is English actress Nadia Sawalha. Nadia Sawalha is outspoken about eczema and has mentioned anecdotes of our outbreaks several times that made the news. 

Nadia had severe episodes of eczema outbreaks on her hands during her teenage years and after the birth of her daughter, it only worsened. Her next episodes of outbreaks expanded to her neck, jawline, and eyes (Ouch, right?). Although Nadia has faced outbreaks of eczema on her hands that had to be bandaged and be avoided from getting limelight during the filming of her series, this particular incident took a month before it finally cleared up. 

7. Catherine Zeta-Jones 

Catherine Zeta-Jones-Celebrities with Eczema 
Credits: Instagram

In the year 2010, Catherine Zeta-Jones made a revelation about her childhood condition that was soothed by the powers of moisturization. Catherine told InStyle magazine that her mother would use Light Hour Cream on her flaky skin which is still her hydrating companion. Catherine also suggests that keeping your skin hydrated and nourished especially in dry and cold weather is the best way to deal with this condition. 

Final Thoughts 

The celebrities with eczema have given us various insights into the nature and cure of eczema. Although not all causes can be monitored by us, the gist of it is that keeping our skin moisturized in a clean environment will definitely help folks with eczema overcome the condition and others to generally keep a check on their skin health. 

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