5 Celebrities with Tourette’s Syndrome

  • May 4, 2022
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5 Celebrities with Tourette’s Syndrome

What is Tourette’s Syndrome? 

Tourette’s Syndrome is a common neurodevelopmental disorder which causes recurring movements or unwanted sounds. The actions are known as tics which can be vocal – grunting, coughing, throat clearing, repeating others’ words or using obscene words – or motor – blinking, shoulder shrugging, obscene gesturing, hopping or facial movements. Generally, this clinical condition is a genetically inherited syndrome that has an unestablished relation with ADHD(Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Keep reading to know about celebrities with Tourette’s Syndrome.

Celebrities with Tourette’s Syndrome

Now, having twitches while you are on television or surrounded by paparazzi has got to be something. Following is a list of celebrities whose twitches, movements and sounds

1. Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish-Celebrities with Tourette’s Syndrome
Credits: Instagram

“Did you think I’d show up in a limousine?”

First on our list with celebrities with Tourette’s Syndrome is Academy Award winner Billie Eilish who in 2018 boldly made her Tourette’s Syndrome public by posting a story on Instagram. Despite having this syndrome since childhood, Billie earlier avoided making it public due to concerns that she shall be judged based on this sole factor. And they were valid for a teenager who thoroughly enjoyed the spotlight due to her mellifluous vocals. 

Billie exhibits physical tics and while revealing her condition she mocked the compilation videos of the tics emerging on the internet. Celebrities with Tourette’s Syndrome surely have a 

2. David Beckham 

David Beckham-Celebrities with Tourette’s Syndrome
Credits: Instagram

Next on our list with celebrities with Tourette’s Syndrome is celebrated soccer player – David Beckham. David Beckham’s corner kick is an attractive move in the sphere but very few people know that his famous corner kick is actually a prompt triggered by his tourette’s syndrome. 

David’s Tourette is generated by his OCD (Obsessive compulsive Disorder) which is more striking and evident than his Tourette’s syndrome as his wife and other resources have frequently reported his compulsive episodes to the media. 

3. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart-Celebrities with Tourette’s Syndrome
Credits: Instagram

“He used a great deal of fugue in his music which is very complicated but was very unfashionable at the time. He lets his music run off in chaotic directions but then always brought it back under control.”

Next up we have the paragon of compositions – Mozart! He is a prominent name on the listicle of celebrities with Tourette’s Syndrome. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s tourette syndrome was widely acknowledged when Channel 4 in  2005 commissioned James Mcconnel – American biologist and animal psychologist – to present a documentary titled ‘What Made Mozart Tic’. 

According to Mcconnell, Mozart was fascinated with compulsive habits which is reflected in the wordplay of his compositions. Mozart’s compulsive foot tapping had been documented and his uninterrupted twitching pieces back to his syndrome. 

4. Dan Aykroyd 

Dan Aykroyd-Celebrities with Tourette’s Syndrome
Credits: Instagram

Famous Canadian Actor Dan Aykroyd is one of the celebrities with Tourette’s Syndrome. 

The famous actor has had tourette’s since he was a tween. His tics including his grunting noise affected his routine social interactions which made it difficult for the actor and comedian to interact as a child. 

Dan confided in therapy to alleviate his symptoms and by the age of 14 eventually they faded away. 

5. Dash Mihok 

Dash Mihok-Celebrities with Tourette’s Syndrome
Credits: Instagram

Next on celebrities with Tourette’s Syndrome is Dash Mihok, better known as Brendan Bunchy Donovan. Dash Mihok’s TS symptoms appeared at the young age of 6 where he had this uncontrollable urge to whip his hair around his head. Mihok got his TS from his father and even his older sisters are diagnosed with the same. Dash Mihok has over the years encountered wide-ranging symptoms like blinking, head jerks and sniffing objects which has been a conflicting aspect of his famed personality. Till date, Mihok has deliberately avoided social situations including going to the cinema, in exceptional scenarios he goes and positions himself at a distance. 

Mihok is the national ambassador for the Tourette Association of America, a pioneering organization dedicated towards researching and bringing Tourette’s symptoms and effects to light. 

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