6 Celebrities With Scoliosis 

  • April 7, 2022
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6 Celebrities With Scoliosis 

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is the abnormality of the spine wherein it gets curved sideways. The curvature normally occurs during childhood or early adolescence and is not always noticeable. Certain symptoms of Scoliosis may include uneven shoulders, the disproportion between the two hips, and one side of the rib cage leaning forward. 

What are the causes of Scoliosis? 

The leading cause of Scoliosis is hereditary factors. Other causes of sideways curvature of the spine may include previous surgeries during infancy, birth defects, and injuries. 

What is the treatment to cure Scoliosis? 

Scoliosis can cause complexities in breathing and lead to several back problems with age since the disproportionate body parts cause discomfort. A few of the treatments options are:

  1. Casting 
  2. Bracing
  3. Chiropractor Treatment 
  4. Exercises 

All of the above treatment options are also adopted by many prominent celebrities with Scoliosis.

Here is a List of 6 Celebrities With Scoliosis 

1. Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley-Celebrities With Scoliosis
Credits: Instagram

First on our list of celebrities with Scoliosis is Actress Shailene Woodley who was diagnosed with Scoliosis at the age of 15 when her 38-degree curvature was spotted by her friend during swimming. Since her curvature was severe the actress was medically assisted and had to put on a plastic brace with coverage from her chest to hips for18 hours a day. The brace treatment continued for a period of 2 years which was a prolonged disheartening experience for the celebrity with Scoliosis. She has previously shared her experiences with the media. 

“It was like wearing a tacky, disgusting, plastic corset for 18 hours a day. In the beginning, it was hard to eat or breathe. And I had to give up cross country running.”

Actress Shailene Woodley is confidently open about her curvature and still has scoliosis but refuses to give in to the condition. She hopes to enjoy an active and normal life. 

2. Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor-Celebrities With Scoliosis
Credits: Instagram

British-American actress Elizabeth Taylor is next on our list of celebrities with scoliosis. She is one of the rare people who got severe discomfort due to the curvature of the spine, the reason being her age. Elizabeth Taylor was born with Scoliosis which posed many back problems for her throughout her life. Nonetheless, the actress had created a splendid career for herself, though the episodes of discomfort became more complicated after a certain period of time. 

In 2004, she underwent spinal surgery to repair the fractures in her spine. Gradually the actress’ situation weakened and she was confined to a wheelchair. Scoliosis had been a ruthless experience for this actress. 

3. Lamar Grant 

Lamar Grant-Celebrities With Scoliosis
Credits: Instagram

Scoliosis is not caused by poor physical health or lower levels of activity and the next name on the list of celebrities with Scoliosis perfectly demonstrates it. Lamar Grant is the world’s prolific weightlifting title holder and has surpassed his Scoliosis with his dedication and perseverance. Grant was diagnosed with Scoliosis at the age of 14, but guess what? The man set his first world record by deadlifting over 500 pounds and was soon admitted to the International Powerlifting Federation Hall of Fame. 

His journey with Scoliosis has been nothing but empowering. Grant’s Scoliosis was hereditary since both his mother and grandmother had it pain-free throughout their lives. 

4. Usain Bolt 

Usain Bolt-Celebrities With Scoliosis
Credits: Instagram

Would a spinal curvature greater than 40 degrees intimidate and stop one from achieving their dreams? Well, not the fastest man in the world. During the initial stages of his career Scoliosis became inconvenient for the athlete but then the training team sorted out strategic practices like conditioning exercises and a chiropractic-centered approach. It is a perfect example of persistence and overcoming unexpected challenges imposed by life. This celebrity with Scoliosis believes that by keeping his back strong he can smoothly avoid the problems caused by Scoliosis. 

5. Maritza Correia 

Maritza Correia-Celebrities With Scoliosis
Credits: Instagram

Digital life fosters portraying the realistic phases of life and the next person on this list of celebrities with Scoliosis documents her life with scoliosis. Maritza Correia has had scoliosis since the age of 7 and entered the sphere of swimming as part of her treatment. Who would have thought that it would only be the beginning of a successful career? 

Martiza began her swimming lessons as therapy for her condition but due to her disciplined approach qualified for the USA Olympics in 2004 and her swimming has only benefited her it causes her thoracic spine to flatten when continuously practiced. 

6. Rena Russo 

Rena Russo-Celebrities With Scoliosis
Credits: Instagram

Last on the list of celebrities with Scoliosis is American actress and model, Rena Russo. Rena Russo was diagnosed with Scoliosis in middle school which was a stage wherein anyone would get conscious of their physical appearance. Rena Russo faced something familiar. Russo had to wear a black brace every day and would use falsies to make a false appearance. Although putting on a cast for 4 years helped her avoid surgery, the actress frequently engages in chiropractic care.  


An S-shaped symbol on the back might look like an abnormality but it needs to be normalized that these are all just medical factors planted in our biological selves. Most celebrities with Scoliosis have set the example of perseverance and unconditional dedication to practice our passion. It is advisable to take proper care of one’s body and seek the right medical guidance to live a fulfilling life even with any medical condition. 

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