4 Celebrities with Droopy Eyelids

  • May 4, 2022
  • 4 min read
4 Celebrities with Droopy Eyelids

What are Droopy Eyelids? 

Drooping of the eyelids is a condition wherein the upper eyelid of the eye sags in a crescent shape. Droopy eyelids can also appear due to excess of skin above or around the corners of eyes. This condition is also called Ptosis. Its symptoms include blockage of vision and excess tearing. Although sagging eyelids are cured by surgical options like blepharoplasty, since it is common due to aging and doesn’t cause any disease many people including celebrities with droopy eyelids just live with them or opt for milder options. 

This listicle will share the journey of a few celebrities with droopy eyelids. 

1. Forest Whitaker 

Forest Whitaker-Celebrities with Droopy Eyelids
Credits: Instagram

First on the list of celebrities with droopy eyelids is actor and producer – Forest Whitaker. The 60 year old celebrity has the condition of Ptosis in his left eye which according to him is a genetic factor. The celebrity’s hereditary droopy eyelid portrays a contemplative look on his face and he has several times considered getting surgery because it affects his vision. The actor hasn’t taken any action on it, maybe because it has become a charming and distinguishable part of his personality. 

2. Paris Hilton  

Paris Hilton-Celebrities with Droopy Eyelids
Credits: Instagram

Apparently this socialite is also one of the celebrities with droopy eyelids. Paris Hilton, a well-known face of American TV personalities underwent surgery in 2002 during which the muscles of her left eye were severely damaged and now make the drooping of her left eyelid so obvious. 

It is a bitter reality that a celebrity’s life is muddled due to their idyllic efforts to fit the world of glamor. Hilton too aggravated her condition when she constantly wore tinted-glasses during the filming of her movie which was seriously not recommended by her surgeons. All the badgered rumors about her eyes have been strictly denied by the actor and her representatives. 

3. Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson-Celebrities with Droopy Eyelids
Credits: Instagram

We all know Andie from the peppy movie ‘How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days’ and guess what she too has the dreamy eyes due to her ptosis. Her green emerald eyes are enough to leave a mesmerizing impact on the audience but her droopy eyelids seemingly create an overall attractive appearance coupled with her expensive and vibrant eye makeup. Kate Hudson making it to this list of celebrities with droopy eyelids is just one example of how celebrities confide in makeup to cover their conditions that they hope will remain private to them. 

4. Thom Yorke 

Thom Yorke-Celebrities with Droopy Eyelids
Credits: Instagram

Thom Yorke, the lead singer, guitarist and pianist of the iconic radiohead, is next on our list with celebrities with droopy eyelids. This celebrity famous for his distinctive vocals actually had a troublesome period during his childhood and teenage years due to his eye. Yorke was born with a paralysed left eye and has had 5 five eye operations till he was 6. The celebrity has been pretty vocal about his journey, even with his eye condition and had told the media that his last operation at the age of 6 was a blunder which resulted in his left eyelid drooping. 

Thom felt self-conscious during his teenage years. The thought of a teenage boy studying in an all boys school with a drooping eyelid being unattractive was what concerned him. But, over the years Yorke found comfort in his uniqueness and made peace with his unique eye. 

Final Thoughts 

Droopy eyelids can be caused by hereditary factors or surgical failures. They are not entirely concerning until and unless they block your vision or you are a celebrity who wishes to conceal personal facts. 

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