5 Celebrities with Hooded Eyes 

  • April 21, 2022
  • 3 min read
5 Celebrities with Hooded Eyes 

What are hooded eyes? 

Hooded eyes are a facial feature wherein part of an individual’s eyelid droops nearer to their eyelashes. Hooded eyes are generally apparent with age, although there is some probability that they can be genetic. Hooded eyes are not so uncommon and there are even many notable celebrities with hooded eyes. 

Here are the 5 Celebrities with Hooded Eyes 

1. Jennifer Lawrence 

Jennifer Lawrence-Celebrities with Hooded Eyes
Credits: Instagram

Can we start with a more beautiful example than Jennifer Lawrence in the list of celebrities with hooded eyes? A perfect example of why hooded eyes do not need to be cloaked under spectacles. Hooded eyes can be extremely beautiful when the individual how makes them look dainty and attractive with the right makeup techniques. 

Jennifer Lawrence usually indulges in liberal makeup at the corners of her eyes and lightens the effect on the inner parts. There were rumors of the celebrity having undergone plastic surgery but nothing was confirmed. Apparently, Lawrence has a keen eye for uplifting makeup techniques that brings out their beautiful almost shape. 

2. Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid-Celebrities with Hooded Eyes
Credits: Instagram

Bella Hadid is another gorgeous figure on the list of celebrities with hooded eyes. Hadid is one of Vogue magazine’s most lionized models whose beautiful catlike eyes charm millions around the globe. 

Bella Hadid’s photos from childhood depict that she even had hooded eyes with heavy skin fat on her eyebrow bone. This celebrity’s present eyes are drastically different from those. Heavy eyelids are probably a result of cosmetic surgery. 

3. Taylor Swift 

Taylor Swift-Celebrities with Hooded Eyes
Credits: Instagram

With a diverse portfolio of discography, next on the list of celebrities with hooded eyes is the mellifluous Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is an iconic figure worldwide and her striking cat eyes are no different iconic. Paparazzi have recorded and presented the difference between Taylor’s eyes from her early music career to present-day fame. 

Taylor covers are hooded eyes with fake eyelashes and deep black eye makeup. 

4. Ariana Grande 

Ariana Grande-Celebrities with Hooded Eyes
Credits: Instagram

The list of celebrities with hooded eyes continues with a knockout mention of Ariana Grande. Just like Taylor, Ariana has made her signature cat-eye makeup look trendy tea for contemporary music enthusiasts. The peculiar thing to notice is that even Ariana’s eyes seem drastically changed from her debuts and first-time breakthroughs. Ariana had droopy eyelids which were asymmetrical and now look perfectly aligned. This could be the perfect example of blepharoplasty: surgical reconstruction of an eyelid. 

5. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez-Celebrities with Hooded Eyes
Credits: Instagram

Guess what? The girl from ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ – Selena Gomez – also has hooded eyes. The singer & actress has swooned many hearts through her music albums and impressive acting skills. Her round face is adorably graced with slouchy eyes. The actress & singer also highlights the outer corners of her eyes to uplift them and make a visually impressive appeal. 


Hooded eyes are more common in celebrities than you think. Celebrities with hooded eyes suggest their unique make-up techniques that enhance their eyes’ look. Smokey eyes create a magical deception of elaborate beauty and thick eyeliners cloud the extra fat on the eyebrow bone. Therefore, if you have hooded eyes there is nothing to get worried about. Hooded eyes are treasured as dainty and appealing, yet if there is any make-up advice required the above-mentioned celebrities’ virtual life is your go-to-manual. 

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