Uzma Ahmed

Today is a very special day for Indians. Our daughter has been brought back from Pakistan. Uzma Ahmed, who was forcefully kept in Pakistan was released today at the Wagha border. She was forced to live in Buner, Pakistan with an unnamed family, and opened up in an interview that the living conditions for many women who were married off in Pakistan were worse. She even said, “It is easy to go to Pakistan but tough to return.” Here are some facts to know about the “India’s daughter” in Uzma Ahmed’s wiki.

Uzma is an Orphan

Uzma Ahmed is in her early 20s and is already married once in India. Reportedly, she fell in love with a man named Tahir Ali in Malaysia. He then forced her to marry him and then went to live in Buner, Pakistan. She described the living conditions in Pakistan as horrific. Uzma’s stay in Pakistan wasn’t a pleasant one and she said that many women like her, were living in terrible circumstances.

Uzma fell in Love with Tahir Ali in Malaysia    

Uzma went on to add that women from East Asian countries were like Philippines, Malaysia were lured into marriage and were kept in Pakistan where they were being tortured and harassed. Anita’s disappointment grew over her interview as she started describing her horrid experience in Buner. She was very emotional during her interview.

She has a Young Daughter from her First Marriage

Uzma filed a petition in the Islamabad high court asking the court to allow her to leave the country as her daughter from her first marriage suffered from Thalassaemia and had to be treated urgently. Thalassemia is a health condition with a blood disorder where hemoglobin production is abnormal. The court ordered Tahir Ali to return her immigration papers immediately which were reportedly taken away from her. Ali then submitted her documents allowing her to leave Pakistan.

Sushma Swaraj Called her “India’s Daughter”

Sushma Swaraj was the real reason Uzma could come back under such tense circumstances. Sushma Swaraj called her “India’s daughter” helped her to stand her on her own feet and fight against injustice.

Sushma Swaraj thanked the judiciary system for Uzma’s release on humanitarian grounds. In a press conference, Sushma thanked her lawyer Shahnawaz Noon, who fought the case like her father. She even thanked Pakistan’s foreign ministry for quick action on the serious situation.

Uzma Said “Pakistan is a Well of Death” in an Interview

Uzma Ahmed became emotional during her press conference. Her description of Pakistan’s living conditions made us feel the agony and pain she had gone through. Every house has almost two to four wives, added a teary-eyed Uzma.

She was accompanied by the mission officials and Pakistani police as she crossed the Wagha border and entered India. She touched the Indian soil and prayed for her safe comeback.

This mission has set an example for us all that Indian politicians like Sushma Swaraj are dedicated to serve the people of our nation and make us proud. Sushma Swaraj’s dedication has made us realize that our politicians are really committed to the wellbeing of the Indian citizens and we hope that such efforts from other politicians follow.

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