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The 11th Season of the Indian Premier League has begun and already the air is filled with rumors about young cricketers from all over the world. Royal Challengers Bangalore, leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal is the first one to be in gossip for his alleged relationship with Kannada actress Tanishka Kapoor. Gorgeous Tanishka has just started her career as an actress, while Yuzvendra has been playing for the team since 2009. Is Tanishka Yuzvendra Chahal’s girlfriend? Find out in Tanishka Kapoor’s wiki.

Tanishka Kapoor’s Family

Tanishka Kapoor, age 23, was born on April 16, 1994, in Mumbai Maharashtra. The name Tanishka means goddess of gold. Tanishka’s father, Ashok, and mother Deepika raised Tanishka in Mangalore, Karnataka, India. She has a brother, Tanmay, and a sister, Tanaya. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She later moved to Bengaluru to start a career in acting.

Tanishka Kapoor Family
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Tanishka Kapoor Movies

Tanishka’s first movie, Uppi 2, directed by one of the leading directors of the Kannada film industry Upendra, is a sequel to 1999 film Upendra. After her debut in 2015, she played the role of Mary in Naresh Kumar’s 1st Rank Raju.

Tanishka Kapoor’s Rumored Boyfriend

Fan’s of Tanishka and Yuzvendra have been gossiping about their relationship, and as expected both have them have posted about the same. Yuzvendra’s Insta post reads, “Hello everyone. This is a message that I thought to convey from my side that there is nothing going on in my life. I am not getting married. Tanishka and I are just good friends. It’s a request to all the media houses and my fans to stop spreading the news and making it viral. I hope you all respect my privacy and me, kindly stop the rumors. Please stop posting about my marriage which is completely baseless. Please verify before posting anything as such. Thank you. Love to all.” To clear the air, Tanishka Kapoor posted on Instagram “To everyone, I am not getting married, as the news that’s being spread. Kindly give me my space and don’t furthermore spread the false rumor. There is nothing happening. It’s a very kind and humble request.”

Take a look at Yuzvendra’s Instagram Post here.

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