Velu Prabhakaran

Velu Prabhakaran, the Tamil filmmaker, and actor married his co-actor Shirley Das on June 2, 2017. The couple had acted in Velu Prabhakaran in Kadhal Katha, which released in 2009. His new controversial movie Oru Iyakkunarin Kadhal Diary has many steamy scenes which have become viral all over the nation. Here are some facts to know about Velu Prabhakaran’s wiki and marriage.

Velu Prabhakaran is in the Tamil Film Industry since 18 Years

Prabhakaran started in the film industry as a Cinematographer with the 1989 horror movie Nalaya Manithan. He then was a part of many more films where he was the cinematographer. In the year 2004, he started in the production field with the film Kadhal Arangam. He was the writer of the story & screenplay and dialogue for the movie. The movie was a controversial one which included a lot of sex, topless scenes, and brutal rape scenes. The film starred newcomers Preethi Rangayani and his newly wed wife Shirley Das in the lead roles. The movie faced a lot of problems from the Censor Board, however, the team agreed to tone down the nudity and mute some controversial dialogues. The movie was renamed from Kadhal Arangam to Kadhal Kathai. The movie was released in 2009 and the reviews by critics were negative.

“Even Trump Got Married at the age of 74” Said Prabhakaran in an Interview

While exchanging rings in front of the media, Prabhakaran was asked about his marriage at such an old age. To this, he wittily replied that “Even Trump Got Married at the age of 74.” You can check out their ring ceremony video below:

Velu Prabhakar’s age is 60 years at the moment and he wishes to live a happy married life with his wife Shirley Das. Velu Prabhakaran’s wedding photos aren’t publicly available as their wedding ceremony was kept private and they only exchanged rings in front of the media.

Prabhakar’s wife Shirley Das is a model and an actress. She made her debut with Kadhal Kathai, which was delayed for five years due to Censor Board which was finally released in 2009. According to reports, the couple are said to be friends for about 15 years.

Velu Prabhakar’s movies are focused on atheism and modern issues like adultery. We are eager to see how people react to their age gap relationship and how the couple will face the media for years to come. Till then, stay tuned to SocioFreak for such hot gossips.