Nidhhi Agerwal hot pics

#MunnaMichaelTrailer is about to become a sensation on Twitter! The trailer of Munna Michael was released a couple of hours back and fans can’t stop blabbering about it on the Social Media. In case you haven’t already watched it, here’s the official trailer of Munna Michael posted on Tiger Shroff’s Twitter:

Coined as the first “dance-action” film, Munna Michael is sure to set some records. And then there’s this super-talented cast! The cast of Munna Michael is exceptional! Tiger Shroff, the martial arts expert cum dancer is the lead. Next is Nawazuddin Siddiqui! Need I say more? And finally, the Dolly to the Munna, Nidhhi Agerwal! If you haven’t heard about this ravishing creature, I wouldn’t blame you. In Munna Michael, Nidhhi would be appearing on screen for the first time and I can bet a $1000 that she will melt your heart! With a gorgeous physique, a rather titillating charisma and a fantastic dressing sense, Nidhhi Agerwal is hotness overload! So, you already got your phones out tryna find some Nidhhi Agerwal hot pics? Need not worry! Before the release of Munna Michael, here are 9 hand-picked sexy photos of Dolly from Munna Michael that will give you the chills…

Beat Pe Booty, Beat Pe Booty, Beat Pe Booty!

My favorite photo of Tiger Shroff and Nidhi Agerwal from Munna Michael. Here’s Dolly and Munna in a dance scene from Munna Michael

Nidhhi Agerwal Tiger Shroff
Credits: Instagram

Uptown Girl! She’s been Living in Her Uptown World!

Nidhhi Agerwal’s sexy images are spread out all over Instagram! Here’s a glimpse into her sexiness:

Nidhhi Agerwal naked
Credits: Instagram


That’s right! The broad is a “Stargirl”, ready to conquer Bollywood!

Nidhhi Agerwal sexy
Credits: Instagram

Classy, Elegant and Fabulous!

Outright HOT!

Nidhhi Agerwal sexy images
Credits: Instagram

Backless? You bet!

Need I say more?

Nidhhi Agerwal Munna Michael
Credits: Instagram

Love me? Great! Hate me? Even better. Think I’m ugly? Don’t look at me. Don’t know me? Don’t judge me. Think you know me? You have no idea…

Nidhhi Agerwal hot
Credits: Instagram

Redefining Sexiness…

Nidhhi Agerwal boobs
Credits: Instagram

Bored AF!

Nidhhi Agerwal
Credits: Instagram]

A Laugh a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

Nidhhi Agerwal ass
Credits: Instagram

Got the clocks tickling you from inside? Hand to God, same here. Munna Michael’s release date is scheduled for 21st July 2017. The movie is directed by Sabbir Khan and produced by Viki Rajani. For information on Munna Michael‘s release, wiki premiere, stay tuned to SocioFreak! When it comes to Bollywood, we got it all covered!