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padmavati trailer

Earlier today, Deepika Padukone gave us the official Padmavati Trailer release date. The trailer of Padmavati was launched today at 1:00 pm on Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s twitter. Here’s what Deepika tweeted early morning about Padmavati trailer…

The story of Padmavati is about the legendary queen Rani Padmini! With a solid cast, great direction and a huge pre-existing fan base, this movie will surely go in my Top 10 Movies of 2017 List! The Padmavati trailer somewhat reminded me of Bajirao Mastani, another of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s golden movies.The screenplay for Padmavati is also written by the director,  Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The rustic look, the elegant jewelry, and some pristine locations make the Padmavati trailer even more attractive. Deepika Padukone the lead role, in and as Padmavati looks resplendent in her glorious outfits. Shahid who plays Rawal Ratan Singh looks rather dangerous. And then there is Ranveer Singh who catches our breath in Padmavati trailer. He is supposedly playing the role of Alauddin Khiliji.

Padmavati’s Story!

For those of you who do not know the real story behind Padmavati, Rani Padmini was a 13th-14th-century Indian queen. The princess of the Jaisalmer Kingdom, daughter of Raval Punya Pal, Padmini was known throughout India for her exceptional beauty. It is said that the Rajput ruler of Chittor, Ratan Sen, heard about her beauty from a talking parrot named Hiraman. Through a lot of effort and persistence, the young prince finally married Padmavati and made her his Queen. Subsequently, Padmini became the Queen of Chittor and moved to Chittor with Ratan Sen. At the same time, Alauddin Khalji, the Sultan of Delhi had also heard about Padmavati’s beauty. He launched a battle against Chittor to obtain her. Devpal, the King of Kumbhalner was also enamored with Padmavati’s beauty. Subsequently, even he attacked Chittor in order to obtain her. Unfortunately, Ratan Sen was killed in a combat with Devpal. This gave Alauddin Khalji an upper edge. He conquered Chittor but before he could capture Padmavati, the queen and her companions committed Jauhar (self-immolation) to protect their honor.

Padmavati’s Trailer!

Without wasting any more time, I present you, the official trailer of Padmavati! Have a look Padmavati’s trailer on Youtube is also available. However, Padmavati trailer’s download options aren’t disclosed!

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Mira Rajput Wiki

Film star and elegant dancer Shahid Kapoor has been striving hard to achieve superstardom in the Bollywood industry. There have been many ups and downs for him throughout his career and personal life. His breakup with Bebo was a shocking news for everyone. Who knew that after Kareena, Shahid Kapoor will tie the knot with this young and beautiful Metro girl, Mira Rajput. Mira Rajput, Shahid Kapoor’s wife is a 23-year-old who has recently given birth to Shahid’s baby girl, named Misha. Find all you need to know about her in Mira Rajput’s Wiki.

Mira Rajput was born and brought up in Delhi

Credits: Instagram

Born on 7th September 1994, Mira was brought up in Delhi. She belongs to a Punjabi business family who share a strong bond. Her father is Vikramaditya Rajput and her mother is Bela Rajput. Her family has very close ties with Shahid’s family. Mira’s net worth is unknown as she is currently unemployed.  Mira’s favorite actor is Salman Khan and she says that she watches all his movies.

She did an internship with the United Nations Organization

She completed her schooling from Vasant Valley. She graduated in English Honors from Lady Shri Ram College for Women. Later, she did an internship with the United Nations Organization. She achieved 10th rank in DU’s CATE.

Shahid Kapoor’s Decision of Going for ‘Arranged’ Marriage was Shocking!

Credits: Instagram

Nobody ever thought that Shahid Kapoor will be having an ‘arranged’ marriage! Shahid met Mira at a spiritual group Radha Soami Satsang Beas. Both Shahid and his father are ardent followers of this group. Recently when Shahid and Mira were invited on Star World’s popular reality show, ‘Koffee with Karan’, Shahid mentioned that when he first went to Mira’s place to see his bride to be, he actually thought that he had gone to see her elder sister. Shahid Kapoor was 34 years old when he got married to Mira. On the show, he also mentioned that they went on talking for hours when they met for the first time and eventually ended up falling in love. They tied the knot on 7th of July 2015.

They had a very small wedding ceremony with their family and close friends but a huge reception with over 500 guests. He threw a small reception for all his friends from the industry in Mumbai on 12th July 2015.

Mira’s Ex-Boyfriend Aditya Lal

Credits: India TV

After Mira got married to Shahid, Mira’s past relationships came to light. It is rumored that she was dating Aditya Lal, her friend from Vasant Valley school. Sources say that they were deeply in love and were repeatedly spotted together. They both decided to end the relationship after two years and went on separate paths.

In just a Year after their Marriage, the Couple was Blessed with a baby girl who was Named Misha

Credits: Instagram

At a young age of 23, Mira gave birth to a baby girl who was named ‘Misha’. Misha means ‘God Like’ in Russian. Mira Rajput keeps posting photos of baby Misha on Instagram.

Mira Rajput Talks about Feminism on Women’s Day & a Controversy Just Starts

Recently on a Women’s Day Gathering, Mira Rajput told Mid-Day, “The new wave of feminism is aggressive and destructive. There is a term called ‘feminazi’ which is now becoming the female equivalent of a male chauvinist. I am a housewife and wear that label with pride. Why can’t you be an accomplished homemaker? Accomplishing could mean anything one has their heart set on. I had a tough pregnancy, bringing Misha into this world. Now, I love being at home and spending time with my child. I don’t want to spend an hour with her and then rush to work. It’s not that I am not a woman of today. You don’t have to compromise on traditions and ideals to be modern.”

These comments sparked an outrage among celebs and other women on social media. However, her husband Shahid supported her statements in an interview.

Shahid and Mira make a cute couple with a sweet baby girl Misha. We wish them a long and happy married life. Rumors say that Mira Rajput will soon make her Bollywood debut and if they are to be true, we can’t wait to see her glam it up on the big screen!