IPS Sachin Atulkar

How often do you see social media going crazy over the most unexpected events? Well, in India, it’s almost every other day! From the Pakistani Chaiwala to our very own Dhinchak Pooja, we have seen it all and given them their fair share of viral fame. And now we are seeing the most unexpected trend in the face of Sachin Atulkar, an IPS officer who is giving us major fitness goals. Sachin Atulkar’s images have stormed the social media and Indian girls are definitely skipping a heartbeat after checking out the suave Police Officer. We took the efforts to dig the internet to present to you guys our own version of IPS Sachin Atulkar’s wiki.

Sachin Atulkar is a real hero and has much more in him than being just a viral personality. He has proved his worth at every step of his life and has inspired hundreds of Indians to not only focus on their fitness but also focus on becoming something in life. Here are some interesting facts to know about IPS Sachin Atulkar.

Sachin Atulkar’s Life Story & Family

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Sachin Atulkar is not a celebrity, he is just an ordinary human being with extraordinary thinking. Sachin Atulkar’s date of birth is not known but he was born in the year 1985 in Bhagalpur, Bhopal. Sachin Atulkar’s age is 32 years as of 2017. His father is a retired Indian Forest Services officer and his brother is in the Indian army. What a family! Dedicating their life to serve the nation, the Atulkar family is motivating thousands of Indian families to support their children to join the Indian services.

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People are searching for Sachin Atulkar’s education, however, it is not known in which field Sachin completed his graduation. Sachin is a fitness freak and loves to go to the gym. He can be called a bodybuilder owing to his bulky physique. Sachin’s muscular body & charming face have gained a lot of attention through the social media.

Sachin Cracked the UPSC When He was 22 Years Old, Salute!

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This is probably unbelievable! People try for years to crack the toughest exam in India but this lad proved all the critics wrong. Sachin cracked the UPSC exam in his first attempt at the young age of 22! He is a part of the IPS batch of 2007. This is a remarkable feat and we have nothing but words of praise for the dashing cop.

Sachin is a Sports Fanatic and has Won Gold Medals at the National Level in Cricket & Horse-Riding

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Sachin Atulkar is not just an indoor gym freak but a total sports freak. Sachin was a part of the Indian Cricket team in 1999 and even won a gold medal. Sachin learned horse-riding during his IPS training and developed a proficiency in it. In 2010, he even won a gold medal in horse riding. Apart from the sports and the gym, Sachin is a strong promoter of Yoga. Sachin believes that Yoga helps us to calm our mind and help us reduce our stress levels.

Looking for Sachin Atulkar’s Wife? Well, all the Single Ladies Swooning over the Cop, Here’s a Moment to Cheer Up!

The internet wants to know who Sachin Atulkar’s wife is! But hey, there’s no information available about Sachin’s marital status and we believe him to be single. All the single ladies going crazy behind the hunk, this might just be an opportunity for you!

Is Sachin Redefining the Image of Indian Cops in Our Mind?

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For years we have been seeing the Indian police force seems to be unfit and does not meet the required criteria. Being a policeman who is the protector of the common man, such a person should always be in a healthy state of body and mind. Sachin Atulkar is an idol for all the police force and we hope that they are as fit as Sachin if not more.

And that’s not all! Sachin just shared a post on Facebook in which he says that people should respect the personality and his work rather than his looks and appearance.

He wants us to make our nation great than just make an individual great. Sachin is a man of true strength and we have immense respect for the man who just became an internet sensation overnight but a respectable human being over years of hard work. Hats off to this Super Cop!