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Today is a very sad day indeed. Pradeep Kumar, the lead role of one of the most popular Telugu TV show, Saptha Matrika has passed away. Pradeep is believed to have committed suicide. He was seen hanging in his residence in Hyderabad. TV actor, Pradeep Kumar’s death has left a hole inside all his fans. He was one of the most popular serial actors in Tollywood. SocioFreak expresses it’s deepest condolences to Pradeep’s family and friends. Here are some intriguing facts you should know about Pradeep Kumar’s wiki, age, wife, and cause of suicide:

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Pradeep is married to Pavani Reddy, also one of the most popular faces in Telugu Film Industry

Pradeep Kumar’s wife is Pavani Reddy. Remember the famous TV show, Rettai Vaal Kuruvi? That’s right Pavani Reddy plays the role of Nila in it. She is also famous for a television serial, Agnipooulu. Pavani made her feature film debut in Dream in 2012. The couple had most recently tied the knot and they were one of the most adorable couples in Tollywood. Pradeep and Pavani had gotten married on 22nd Jan 2017.

Pradeep Kumar and Pavani Reddy
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Pradeep Kumar’s most popular television serial is Saptha Matrika

Kumar is famous for his lead role in Telugu Television serial, Saptha Matrika. A glamourous performance and a confident appearance make him one of the most admired actors in the television industry.

Pradeep Kumar suicide
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Why did Pradeep Kumar commit suicide?

The death of Pradeep Kumar is rather a mysterious one. In the wee hours of today morning, Pradeep hanged himself in his apartment. His wife, Pavani Reddy was not at home. No suicide letter was found. Police are currently investigating the reason behind his extreme actions. The death of Pradeep Kumar has left Pavani shaken to the core. He was everything that mattered to her and now he is no more. Speculations suggest that Pradeep Kumar’s family had certain disputes with the actor and his wife. Some say that Pradeep was under a lot of financial pressure and had an immense load of debt on him. The real cause of his suicide is not yet known. Pradeep Kumar’s age at the time of death is known to be around 23 or 27.

Pradeep and Pavani were extremely close. They were an unbreakable couple. Here’s a video of Pavani Kumar and Pradeep Kumar’s marriage that will instantly bring tears to your eyes:

SocioFreak team extends its deepest condolences to all of Pradeep’s fans, family, and friends. Let us all join hands and pray for his soul to rest in peace.