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Oviya Helen is one of the most popular contestants of the TV series Bigg Boss Tamil. Since the show has aired, the show has stirred a lot of controversies and Oviya has made sure that she makes headlines till she is a part of the show. With a huge fan following, Oviya from Bigg Boss Tamil is one of the strongest contenders to win the show. Here’s Oviya’s wiki to know more about the Bigg Boss contestant.

Oviya’s age is 26 years and she was born on April 29, 2011. She holds a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Functional English from Vimala College, Thrissur. Oviya started out as a model and later became an actress. Many people don’t know that Oviya was still pursuing her graduation when she was selected for the role of Maheshwari in Kalavani. Until she got her big break, she was popularly dubbed as the “Girl next door.”

Oviya’s Acting Career

Oviya made her Kollywood debut with the movie Kangaroo which released in 2007. Her talent went unnoticed for a couple of years until 2010. Her shot to limelight came from the 2010 blockbuster hit Kalavani which was a comedy movie. Kalavani was a hit among the audience and received positive reviews from critics as well. In the coming year after the release of Kalavani, she signed six movies which is a remarkable feat. She is mainly known for her work in the Tamil film industry. Due to the huge success of Kalavani, she was chosen to reprise her role in the film for the Kanna and Telugu versions of the remake of Kalavani. Till date, she has acted in 21 movies and is filming for five more movies which will be released in the coming years. Oviya’s movies are fun to watch and she is an actor who can fit into any kind of role easily.

Oviya Proposed Aarav on Bigg Boss Tamil 2017

Oviya has been in the news for the past couple of days after she proposed her fellow contestant Aarav on the show Bigg Boss. Due to her bold move, Bigg Boss fans have taken the internet by storm to know more about Oviya and Aarav. Oviya’s proposal to Aarav was observed as a fun element to spice up the show, however, Aarav’s reaction to the proposal has shocked the BB fandom. Aarav was seen getting close to the Tamil actress and even admired Oviya’s “chilled out” attitude. In a task organized in the BB house, Aarav even chose Oviya as his soul mate. All the Oviya fans out there, are you feeling happy or jealous? What’s next for the budding couple remains to be seen.

She wants to do Different Types of Characters in Multiple Film Industries

Now this one was a shocker! Portraying different characters is a difficult task and very hard for a single person to do. Very few actors have been able to do this with perfection.

Oviya’s Instagram & Hot Images

People are constantly looking for Oviya’s Instagram all over the internet and I have to agree that they might be disappointed as she doesn’t have an official Instagram account. We explored the internet and dug out to find some of Oviya’s hottest images.

Too Glam to Give a Damn

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It’s not Easy Being a Princess… But if the Crown Fits…

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Her Sexiness is Distracting!

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Smiles are Always in Fashion

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Inner Beauty is Great, But a Little Mascara Never Hurt!

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Smile is the Greatest Gift of All

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