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Two days back the latest news from model Marina Kuwar’s wiki reported her accusing the infamous “Rockstar Baba, Baba Ram Rahim of being a sex addict. According to reports, Marina and Ram Rahim had met in his gufa (cave) to discuss a role she wanted in a movie. She further accused Ram Rahim of inappropriately touching her as well as groping her in exchange for money as well as the role in the movie. She also told the media that all these incidents happened in presence of Baba Ram Rahim’s daughter, Honeypreet Insan! She later took the matter to Twitter! Here’s what she had to say…

I am sure by now you are all wondering who is model Marina? Marina Kuwar’s hot debut in Bigg Boss 9 attracted her a huge fan base. Her titillating hot pics gained popularity all over the social network. Be it her Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, this model is active everywhere, constantly posting one thing or the other to keep her fans engaged. Marina Kuwar’s Instagram photos are the talk of B-Town! Without a wait of a second, let us move on to Marina Kuwar’s wiki!

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Disclaimer: Do NOT forget to check out Marina Kuwar hot pics!

Chori Delhi Ki!

Marina was born and brought up in Delhi. She completed her education from DAV College, New Delhi. Born in the early 1990’s, Marina Kuwar’s age is around 26. A supreme interest in arts and fashion led Marina to the path of modeling. If you get a chance to meet her personally, there would be no doubt in your mind that she is a Delhiite! The super hot dressing sense, the bold attitude, steamy elegance and a resplendent outlook makes Marina Kuwar one of the hottest models in all of India! Be it, Qutab Minar, Lodi Gardens or Chandani Chowk, if you are roaming around in Delhi it is impossible to not see a billboard where Marina isn’t present. Yes! She is that popular in Delhi. Working for some of the top-notch modeling and advertisement firms, Kuwar has certainly made a name for herself. She has worked for firms like Anima Models and Fieldcraft Entertainment. She was also a marketing executive in the United States couple of years back. She stays in Delhi with a family of four but hops to different places all over the world for shoots and what not! One hell of a girl!

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Marina Kuwar is A Goddamm Brand Name Herself!

Marina Kuwar’s wiki is all about her status as a model. Marina’s modeling career has been a boom right from the start. She has been a brand ambassador of some kickass brands all over the globe. Her most famous advertisements include brands such as Benetton, Pantaloons, Volkswagen, La Senza and Monte Carlo. I still remember her first consignment as an advertisement model! Guess the company? It was Canon! Check out Marina Kuwar’s Instagram for more of her modeling photos…

marina model
Credits: Instagram

Bigg Boss 9? Really?

Yes! Above all her achievements, Marina really came into the spotlight of the media gauntlet when she walked on the red carpet at Bigg Boss 9! She was one of the most beautiful contestants of Bigg Boss 9. I wish I could see her back on the show sometime in the future. Kuwar also entered TV at the same time. In 2015 she was seen in Zee TV’s Qubool Hai! God, she was good!

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Runner-Up Model, Marina Kuwar?!

Yes! Marina has been a runner-up model for 2012’s Maxim, a lifestyle magazine based in India! Marina Kuwar’s hot pics will hit you like Mayweather’s punch! I promise that! Just keep reading…

Who Is Marina Kuwar’s Boyfriend?

Marina was once upon a time, actor, Mayur Verma’s girlfriend. Their relationship was never officially disclosed, however, they were often spotted by paparazzi while holding hands in public places on various occasions. The duo split around the time of Marina Kuwar’s Bigg Boss debut. Since then, no Marina Kuwar boyfriend has been listed. Sometimes it makes me wish the two should have stuck together. Here’s a photo of Marina Kuwar and Mayur Verma…

marina kuwar and mayur verma
Credits: Instagram

Finally!  Marina Kuwar’s Hot Pics Will Prove That It Was Worth The Wait!

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Marina Kuwar is a Social Media fanatic! Be it Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter, you will always see Kuwar active. She likes to keep in touch with her fans on a regular basis by uploading pics from shoots or advertisements. She is also known to be a largess. She is often seen helping NGO’s with something or the other. Being a dog lover herself, Kuwar uploads a lot of photos with dogs on her Instagram!

So! Here’s the first of Marina Kuwar hot pics!

#1 Top-Notch! Didn’t I Already Tell You?

Here’s the first photo of our Marina Kuwar hot pics gallery. It is from Marina Kuwar’s Instagram. Check it out…

marina kuwar instagram
Credits: Instagram

#2 Red Woman!

Here’s model Marina Kuwar’s sexy photo in a stunning red dress…

marina kuwar model
Credits: Instagram

#3 Oh! Things Just Got Intense!

Wow! Check out Marina Kuwar’s bikini pic! Can’t get over it…

marina kuwar bikini
Credits: Instagram

#4 Oh Oh! Didn’t I Warn You Of The Jab?

Marina Kuwar’s sexy Instagram photo, guys! Download it!

marina kuwar sexy
Credits: Instagram

#5 Savage! Won’t You Agree?

marina kuwar
Credits: Instagram

#6 Model Marina Kuwar’s Hot Pics Will Give You Sleepless Nights!

marina kuwar model hot pics
Credits: Instagram

#7 Weekly Wallpaper?

Here’s Marina Kuwar’s hot HD wallpaper! Enjoy…

marina kuwar hot hd wallpaper
Credits: Instagram

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