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farhan akhtar open letter

The Kangana Hrithik battle got uglier this week after Hrithik voiced against the actress on Arnab Goswami’s show. He openly accused the 30-year-old actress of sending him sensual messages. This bold accusation was a reply to Kangana’s interviews with Rajeev Masand, Barkha Dutt, and Rajat Sharma, in which she defamed Roshan to a derogatory extent.

Earlier this week, Hrithik’s ex-wife Sussanne Khan, came out to support Roshan. Many other B-Town celebs have voiced opinions about the Hrithik Kangana matter. Recently, Farhan Akhtar’s Facebook shared an open letter citing support for Hrithik. Farhan Akhtar’s letter was so well constructed and so deep that it almost made me numb for a while. Here’s what the actor had to say:

“Today I read an open letter written by a man I know about a woman I know, professionally, at best. Although a controversy about them is going around since a while now, to my best knowledge this is the first time this man has expressed his point of view.

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I am not the authority on who is right or wrong in their situation, that’s for the cybercrime officials to figure out, but I do feel certain aspects of the way the events have unfolded need comment.
Like anyone who has an iota of objectivity and sense of fairness, I too agree that in our society, more often than not, it is the woman who suffers injustice and repression. It is horrifying but true that in some cases of rape, a section of society has blamed the victim. I have always found this to be unacceptable.

4 years ago, I founded MARD (Men Against Rape & Discrimination) and through the initiative, I have been vocal in my fight against gender-related violence and in highlighting cases of discrimination against women and the LGBTI community.

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Although it is true that in most cases it is a woman that has been wronged, there is a difference between ‘most’ and ‘all’
However few and rare they may be, there have been cases where men have been stalked, harassed and falsely accused. This reality has been accepted by the highest courts of our land.
It is in this spirit of objectivity and fairness that today I must speak up.
The way this episode has played out with sections of our media is worrisome.
Some of our most reputed journalists have, consciously or unconsciously, pushed one side of the narrative WITHOUT having or presenting any evidence to back the claims being made by the woman. They’ve accepted her story at face value.

Isn’t this discriminating against the other party? For a moment, lets put aside emotion, prejudice, biases, our understandably protective instincts and look at the facts as they exist today. She claims they had an affair lasting 7 years and during that period, they exchanged a number of emails. While he denies ever mailing her, he has filed an official complaint, shared and submitted all necessary information and documents, handed over his personal phone and laptop to the concerned authorities. The woman has not. Apparently, she has avoided, till date, submitting her personal communication devices citing some reason or the other. In some past cases, this lack of cooperation has been deemed to be obstruction of justice. Handing over her phone and computer is not only the right thing to do morally and legally but is also the best possible way for her to prove she’s telling the truth. So why refuse or delay? Apparently, he has over a thousand emails from her official email account which is intimate and sexual in their content. She claims not to have written them but alleges that he hacked her account and mailed himself. If they were in a 7 year long mutually agreeable relationship, why would he need to do that? Does it not defy logic? Also, did he reply to any of her emails? As far as we know, No. Not one single time.

Pause here and ask yourself…
If a woman was to receive these sort of emails from a man and she claimed harassment, what would your immediate reaction be? Would you have given the man the benefit of doubt by believing him if he said they were in a relationship and she had hacked into his computer and sent herself the emails..? Chances are you wouldn’t.

There’s more. She posted a picture of them together claiming it was taken during the years of their alleged affair. That picture was proved, beyond doubt, to have been manipulated. The actual image consisted of a group of friends including the man’s wife (now ex-wife) standing together in a party. Why were the others intentionally cropped out?
She has no messages and no photographs to prove that she was in a 7-year long relationship with this man. Not even a picture of their alleged engagement in Paris, an event which he denies. Furthermore, he has asserted that his passport does not bear any stamp of travel to France during the time she alleges the engagement occurred nor are there any credible witnesses to this event. Don’t all these inconsistencies raise questions in your mind about the authenticity of the accusations? So what is the truth? Well, the truth is that WE do not know the truth. The reason I felt the need to say this is that it is apparent that some people have already jumped to conclusions while some are deriving some sort of voyeuristic pleasure by encouraging the woman to carry on speaking. This is being done without a seconds pause to consider the effect her words will have on the person, his family or his children. As great as all of it may be for TRP, it’s in terrible taste. Until such a time that the matter is brought to its logical conclusion by the authorities, we must avoid vilifying the man on the basis of unsubstantiated statements. That is what we would have done if this story had played the other way around. That’s what we must do given how it is now. Let’s not discriminate.”

Well chosen words, huh?! Now it remains to be seen what Kangana has to say about Farhan Akhtar’s open letter. Stay tuned to SocioFreak Facebook for the latest news about the Kangana Hrithik battle.

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AIB feat. Kangana Ranaut The Bollywood Diva Song

Kangana Ranaut and All India Bakchod collaborated for a video song which was posted on All India Bakchod’s YouTube channel. The song is titled “The Bollywood Diva Song” and it takes a serious dig at some of the most frequent stereotypes faced by Bollywood actresses. The video has raised a lot of serious issues from Bollywood and is the second most trending video on YouTube right now. It’s no doubt that this video, just like every other AIB video has become viral!

Kangana has been in the news for quite some time, thanks to her revelations about her silly ex Hrithik Roshan, Koffee with Karan “episode” and Aap Ki Adalat interview which went viral and is still making the rounds of our social media feeds. On the other hand, AIB has had their fair share of controversies (we all still secretly watch AIB’s roast of Ranveer Singh & Arjun Kapoor, don’t we?) and are creating some of the most realistic and relatable videos for the millennial generation. Some of AIB’s best videos include Honest Engineering Campus Placements, A Woman’s Besties, Online Harassment Order Now! and the list goes on!

Two members of “All India Controversies” group (AIC: our own improvisation from AIB!) have come together to expose the age-old customs of the Bollywood industry and it sure as hell is a nasty blow to some of the biggest names in the industry today. Kangana Ranaut’s AIB video suggests that she is all but to abide by the so-called “Bollywood rules.”

Here’s “The Bollywood Diva Song” for those who haven’t watched it yet:

Without wasting any time, here are 7 naked truths exposed by the Kangana Ranaut – AIB video.

#1  The Importance of Women in Movies is Limited Only to Playing a Love Interest as Compared to their Men Counterparts

Bollywood has been a male-dominated industry since like.. FOREVER! Women have been given little to no importance at all limiting their character to a mere love interest in the movies. Kangana & AIB have traded some nasty blows against this age-old system and our fingers are crossed to see how they might bring a change in the B-town!

#2 A Female Character in a Movie is Only to “Titillate” the Audience

Short & sexy clothes which have absolutely zero relevance to what’s going on in the movie. How often have we seen that? Well, who the f*** wears mini-skirts and short dresses in the office in a country like India where you are judged for almost anything you do? In my opinion, not even 10% women might be wearing such clothes to the office. Movie makers should understand how to connect with the audience better. And most of all, a woman in a movie is much more important than just to “excite” the viewers.

#3 Nepotism Runs High in Bollywood

Nepotism… anyone? Well hey, if not for that, would it have been that easy for the Khans and Kapoors to be a part of this industry? What we are told is it’s very hard to survive in this industry, one-two flop movies and you are done. Then why are these people given such a privilege? Do they even deserve it? Why not encourage and give opportunities to the talented people? We will never get answers to these questions, wonder why? We’ll never know why!

#4 Directors in Bollywood are Super-Egoistic

There have been incidents when actors tried to add some value to the movie other than acting only to be discouraged. Kangana herself has faced this issue multiple times when she tried to suggest something but was shrugged off and told it’s not her job! Will this ever change?

#5 Women Can’t Have Opinions on a Movie Just Because They are “WOMEN”

The above line says it all. And this is not just limited to movies since centuries women are ill-treated and their opinion doesn’t matter. In so many households, women are only expected to take care of the kitchen. The society is changing for sure, women are being appointed to authoritative positions in large organizations and they are successfully leading businesses on the path to glory. We hope this changes in Bollywood too!

#6 A Woman’s Acting Career ENDS after Marriage while Men Can Still Play the Lead alongside Women Half Their Age

We have seen endless stories of women who had to give up their acting careers after marriage. From Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai who had to quit acting (well, almost!) to Sri Devi and Kareena Kapoor, all these women were the bombshells of their time only to be replaced by younger actresses. On the other hand, male actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and many more are still playing the showmen alongside actresses who are younger than half their age! Why does such a difference exist between men and women? Why are men given so much importance even after they grow old? Will we ever know this?

#7 Media is a Major VILLAIN in the Storyline!

Media is a strong influence on the crowd. People believe what media tells them. Be it scams, scandals or link ups of co-actors, people believe it all. I myself think hardly anything of it must be true. In spite of such a clout among the audience, media utilizes it to play with people’s minds and tell them what’s not true. Media has often labeled people with an image opposite to their true nature. This has been a major reason why celebs aren’t very fond of media. Media should be unbiased and true while reporting news, they shouldn’t spread fake gossips just to create a buzz among their followers.

“The Bollywood Diva Song” portrays the harsh reality of the entertainment industry. AIB’s initiative to create an awareness among the Indian viewers has been a huge game changer and we hope to see many more thought-provoking videos which will bring a revolution in the traditional Indian society. Way to go, AIB & Kangana!