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Today’s “talk of the shop” movie is Raabta! Releasing on 9th June 2017, Raabta is one of the most awaited movies of 2017. Raabta’s solid cast and an exceptionally romantic trailer keep me awake at night! With Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon as lead roles, how can you not expect a movie of a lifetime? And then there is the guest appearance from one and only Deepika Padukone! With all the buzz and glamor in the trailer, there is one man who doesn’t fail to get my attention! That’s Jim Sarbh. Yes, he was the hijacker of the plane in Neerja! Jim is set to have one of the most crucial roles in Raabta as Zakir Merchant. Let us see what we found out about this upcoming popular actor in Jim Sarbh’s wiki below and Jim Sarbh’s Raabta performance!

Coming from a Parsi family, Jim was inherently good looking!

Jim Sarbh’s family is from a Parsi origin. He was born on  27 August 1987 in Mumbai to extremely well-to-do parents. Jim’s mother was a physiotherapist and his father was a master mariner and later became the Regional Director of P&O Ports South and Middle East Asia. The family lived in Australia for a couple of years and later moved back to India. Sarbh’s inclination to theaters and literature was recognized by his family at a very young age. He did most of his schooling in the American school of Bombay. Jim was an undergrad of Psychology at the Emory University in Atlanta, where he kicked off his passion for acting and chose his stream. Jim Sarbh’s height, confidence, speech delivery and his grace makes him one of the hottest actors of this era!

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Jim Sarbh’s Early Days of his Career were mostly based in Theatrics!

Jim Sarbh’s career in the theater started in Atlanta where he was an undergrad of psychology at  Emory University.  After completing graduation, Sarbh became a literary intern at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta for a year. Later he started performing in and around Atlanta. His most famous dramas are The Show, The Breakup, Tennis in Nablus, and Ice Glen, for which he won a Major Supporting Role Metropolitan Atlanta Theatre Award. He was also selected for the Forbes India 30 under 30 list in 2015, for his contribution to Indian Theatre.

Jim Sarbh is a very Funny Man!

Yes! The hijacker and terrorist in Neerja are in reality a very funny. Look what I found on YouTube last night:

Jim’s Journey past the Doorway of Bollywood is rather Exciting!

The year 2015 was a lucky one for Jim. He consequently acted in 3 Bollywood films, thus making a name for himself. Ram Madhvani’s film Neerja, starring Sonam Kapoor in the lead was Jim’s big break into Bollywood. He also starred in Yashodhara by Jyoti Patil and  3 ½ Takes by Daria Ghai. Jim has also done many short films like Mama’s Boys by Akshat Verma, and Like Summer Like Rain by Gouri Dutt. He has also performed on stage in Vickram Kapadia’s The Merchant of Venice, Kalki Koechlin’s The Living Room. His upcoming movie, Raabta is set to hit screens on 9th June 2017. Jim Sarbh’s movies are the core of drama in Bollywood. Clear dialogues, no fuss no fury and simplicity are the qualities that define Jim.

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What was brewing between Jim and Kalki?

Jim Sarbh and Kalki Koechlin met on stage for the play, The Living Room. Both having inclination for theater and arts, they set off quickly and were in a potentially awesome relationship for a year. With cute photos uploaded on Jim Sarbh’s Instagram and Twitter, the couple was soon the talk of Bollywood. However, their relationship came to an end around February 2017. What a shame! Kalki Koechlin is the only know girlfriend of Jim Sarbh.

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Jim Sarbh in Raabta is definitely going to be a role worth highlighting his talent. Jim is playing the role of one Zakir Merchant.  Jim Sarbh’s age is 29 years. Only time will tell where Bollywood intends to take this subtle charismatic young man. Stay tuned to SocioFreak for the latest news on Raabta.