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Komal Reshammiya is, or shall we say “was” Himesh Reshammiya’s wife and the couple was married for 22 years. A couple of hours back, Komal and Himesh were granted divorce by the Bombay High Court. Their marriage lasted for 22 years and it is shocking to see them split! Komal was never in the media spotlight until now. Was it one of the reasons why they got divorced? I have no idea. But what I do have for all my gossip-hungry friends out there is Komal Reshammiya’s wiki. Let’s take a look at Himesh and Komal Reshammiya ’s marriage and divorce…

Komal Reshammiya married Himesh when he was only 21 years old!

Now close off your eyes. Imagine a 21-year-old Himesh, let his songs run in your mind, and now imagine him in a Sherwani and sitting in the Mandap saying his marriage vows. The couple got married in 1995. Some might say Himesh getting married was a shock, let alone the divorce! But he proved you all wrong, didn’t he? 22 years of a successful married life isn’t a joke especially when one of you is in the Bollywood! Komal Reshammiya’s age is 36.  She is young and confident. I hardly think that the divorce will take a toll on her.

Komal was never a Fan of the Media Gauntlet and the Red Carpet!

Komal was born on September 14, 1981. She married him when they were just 21. Marrying a star at such a young age, Komal was surprisingly never interested in the fame and glamor which comes with it. She is a simple woman with a lot of elegance. She was hardly seen in the media or at top-notch events. In my opinion that was the reason behind Himesh and Komal Reshammiya’s divorce. But again it’s just another opinion. Komal Reshammiya’s photos say everything about her! She is a calm, quiet, reserved, yet a beautiful, glamorous and an elegant lady.

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What Exactly is Brewing between Himesh Reshammiya and Sonia Kapoor?

Himesh Reshammiya is rumored to have an affair with Sonia Kapoor since many years. From vacations and parties, the duo was spotted anywhere and everywhere. Was Sonia the reason for Himesh and Komal’s divorce? The answer is no. Moments after the couple announced their divorce, Himesh Reshammiya’s wife clarified to the media that Sonia isn’t the reason for their divorce. She said, “Nobody else should be dragged into this matter and nobody else is responsible for the divorce. The reason for our marriage not working is compatibility. Sonia is not responsible for this at all and our son Swayam and our family loves Sonia just like a family member.” What remains to be seen is if Himesh Reshammiya comes clean about his affair with Sonia Kapoor?

Komal Reshammiya is Very Close to her Son!

Honestly, how many of you knew that Himesh Reshammiya had a son. Well, apparently he does! Hiss son’s name is Swayam. Swayam was reportedly disappointed with the rumors of his father having an affair with Sonia Kapoor. He is very close to his mother, Komal. Being a housewife, Komal always supported Swayam throughout his childhood. Naturally, they share a special bond!

Komal & Himesh’s Divorce

Komal and Himesh Reshammiya filed for a divorce in December 2016. Their divorce was granted by the Bombay Hight Court yesterday and both of them commented about their divorce with good words for each other. Himesh said “Sometimes in life mutual respect becomes most important and giving due respect to our relationship Komal and I have amicably decided to part ways legally as husband and wife and there is no problem whatsoever with this decision amongst us and our family as every member of the family have respected our decision and Komal is and will always remain a part of our family and I will always be a part of her family.” Komal also supported his statement saying “Himesh and I completely respect each other and are jointly going with this decision to part ways legally but mutual respect will always be there between us as I am a part of his family and will always be, and the same is with him towards my family There are compatibility issues in our marriage but we respect each other immensely. Nobody else should be dragged into this matter and nobody else is responsible for this and the reason for our marriage not working is only and only compatibility. Sonia is not responsible for this at all and our son Swaym and our family loves Sonia just like a family member.” She also went on to say that she considered Himesh’s family as her own family and loved them dearly.

What is the real reason behind Himesh’s and Komal’s divorce? Who will get the custody of their son? Will Himesh Reshammiya marry Sonia Kapoor? Only time can answer these questions! Stay tuned to SocioFreak for more Bollywood Gossip and Hungama!