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Yuvraj Thakur is a familiar face among the young generation. We have seen him in almost every Television show we like to watch. From Humse Hai Life to Girls on Top, he’s seen almost everywhere. Yuvraj made the media headlines recently when he broke the news of dating Bani J, a popular VJ on MTV India. Here’s everything you need to know about Bani J’s boyfriend Yuvraj Thakur in Yuvraj Thakur’s wiki.

Yuvraj Thakur’s Bio & Family

Yuvraj Thakur, age 27, was born on November 22, 1989, in Pune, India. Yuvraj’s family consists of his parents, and two elder sisters, Disha and Dakshina. Yuvraj is a multi-talented celebrity who is a Television actor, model, writer and a fitness enthusiast.

Yuvraj Thakur’s First Modeling Assignment was for a Tata DoCoMo Ad

Yuvraj entered the modeling industry with a Tata DoCoMo ad. This assignment proved to be a defining moment in his career and he started getting bigger assignments ever since. He has been seen in many commercials including Hero where he promoted their new bike Maestro, Renault cars, Horlicks, Vicco shaving cream. A commercial for the Vaseline Men’s face wash became popular where he starred along with Shahid Kapoor. His modeling career proved to be the stepping stone for his entry into the Television industry in 2011.

Yuvraj’s Love for Fitness

Yuvraj Thakur Shirtless
Credits: Instagram

Yuvraj is a fitness freak and spends most of his time at the gym. Yuvraj also likes to run and has participated in many marathons. Yuvraj Thakur’s Instagram is full of his workout videos and ripped body. Yuvraj is proud of his body and we surely know why! Fitness might be one of the many reasons why Yuvraj and Bani were attracted to each other!

Yuvraj Thakur’s Tattoos

Yuvraj Thakur Tattoos
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Yuvraj is fond of tattoos and has two tattoos on the left and right forearms. While Bani is an outright tattoo lover having tattoos on almost half of her body, Yuvraj has only inked twice! Yuvraj and Bani’s love for tattoos is evident in almost every photo of the adorable couple.

Acting Career

Yuvraj’s acting debut was in 2011 in the TV show Humse Hai Liife, where he played the role of Arjun Thakur. He was a part of the teen drama Best Friends Forever? Which aired on V Channel from 2012 to 2013 in which he played the character, Varun Mittal. He later bagged a role on Sony’s popular show Bade Acche Lagte Hain. His other roles include MTV’s Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan as Madhyam Singhania aka Maddy and Girls on Top, where he plays the character, Azar Khan.

Yuvraj and Bani’s Relationship

Bani J and Yuvraj Thakur
Credits: Instagram

Bani was in the news last year due to her appearance on the popular reality show Bigg Boss. She was a contestant on the show’s 10th season. Yuvraj and Bani are in a relationship since September 2016 and he took to Instagram to break the news. Bani and Yuvraj’s images are all over the internet due to their rising popularity. During her stint on Bigg Boss 10, rumors were rampant among the media outlets about their alleged breakup. However, both of them squashed the rumors and the happy couple is often seen having a gala time together in our Instagram feeds.

Yuvraj’s career is at the peak at this time and we hope to see more of him in the coming days. Will Yuvraj and Bani tie the knot any sooner? We and the viewers will surely wait for this news.