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Arvind Kejriwal Memes

Arvind Kejriwal’s Wikipedia page was compromised recently and the social media took no time to troll the Delhi Chief Minister. If you had visited Arvind Kejriwal’s wiki in Hindi, you could have witnessed the legendary man’s name spelled as ‘Arvind Kejribawal’ and his post as ‘Murkhmantri.’ This serious issue took a lighthearted turn as the Twitterati took no time to make Kejriwal the butt of all jokes.

This appeared to be a move with a motive rather than just some misspellings. Wikipedia often referred to as one of the most trusted sources, was edited by someone and he targeted none other than the troll loved muffler boy.

Arvind Kejriwal’s Hindi Wikipedia Page Compromised!

Arvind Kejriwal’s Hindi Wikipedia page was edited, however, his English page showed no such changes. Kejriwal is yet to comment on this issue and we are constantly following his Twitter account eagerly to see what’s his take on the whole controversy.

Some other serious edits noticed were ‘Aam Amdani Party’ instead of ‘Aam Admi Party’ and ‘Jokpal’ instead of ‘Lokpal.’ This has become of the latest online trends and we are yet to see if Wikipedia would give any clarification about the same. Wikipedia is an open source website where anyone can edit a person’s information which is then reviewed by the Wikipedia editors. It is a rather shocking instance that the editors failed to rectify the errors, which have been edited since the news came out.

Arvind Kejriwal’s news is a case of lethargy on the side of Wikipedia. Kejriwal has been the center of many controversies, the most recent one being the Kapil Mishra bribe accusations. Kejriwal has been a victim of some physical assaults previously which included an attack with ink, shoes as well as being slapped by a rickshaw driver.

Kejriwal’s wiki page being edited is one of the least damaging controversies to his name but it sure was a fun incident for all the trolls on the internet. Arvind Kejriwal’s memes will surely be awaited now!

satyendar jain daughter

The circus surrounding the controversy of the latest Kejriwal news is increasing by the hour. Earlier today Arvind Kejriwal was accused of accepting a bribe worth R 2 crore from Health Minister Satyendra Jain! This stirred a tsunami of controversies circling both Kejriwal and Jain. The Jain family had previously been under the screening of the media when the startling news of Satyendar Jain’s daughter resigning from her post of advisor for Mohalla Clinics had hit the roads. Satyendar Jain’s most angered controversy was the appointment of his own daughter, Soumya, in his ministry as an advisor. Here are some facts we need to consider about Soumya Jain’s wiki:

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Soumya Jain was appointed as an advisor in the Health Department of Delhi in July 2016

Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP was criticized to a great extent after Health Minister of Delhi, Satyendar Jain appointed his own daughter in his ministry. After a strong disapproval from the opposition, a CBI probe was launched.

Satyendar Jain’s response to her appointment was very suspicious

When asked about Soumya Jain’s appointment, her father said, “She is a qualified architect. She was the one who came up with the design of the clinics. In fact, she is penning a book on the advent and implementation of mohalla clinics in Delhi. She used to work earlier but has now dedicated herself to the mission. She will be on the job till the implementation is over, which will happen in a few months.

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Did AAP play favoritism while appointing Soumya Jain?

The LG of Delhi in a letter to CBI had cited that selection process in the government cannot be reduced to favoritism and it must offer an opportunity to all concerned to apply and compete so as to attract the best talent around.

arvind kejriwal news
Credits: Instagram

Now what remains to be seen is if the controversy against Saatyendar Jain and Arvind Kejriwal is proved to be true. If the CBI launches a probe, it will be very bad for AAP’s future. Once again Kejriwal has left one step ahead and two steps behind because of his cabinet. Stay tuned with SociFreak for the latest updates of Kejriwal’s news related to the Satyendar Jain.

kapil mishra

Who is Kapil Mishra? Why was he sacked from Aam Aadmi Party? What was his role in Kejriwal’s cabinet? And what exactly is the controversy that is going on between Mishra, Kejriwal and Satyendar Jain?

Yes! All these questions came rushing into my mind when I sat in front of the Television and hour back and I’m sure the same thing happened to you as well. The Ex-Water Minister of Delhi, Kapil had been sacked by Arvind Kejriwal on the basis of poor water management. Kapil had already threatened to expose illegal activities going on inside AAP. Earlier today, Kapil accused Arvind Kejriwal of taking a bribe worth ₹ 2 crores from Health Minister Satyendar Jain! He also added that he reported about this transaction to Delhi’s Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) immediately.

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Once again Kejriwal’s news has turned into a big controversy raising quite a few eyebrows. Is Kapil’s story true? If it is true then what action will be taken against Kejriwal and Jain? Only time can answer these questions. For now, I have for you Kapil Sharma’s wiki and Five Facts about the former AAP  minister that will shock you to the core:

Kapil Mishra took his oath in Sanskrit!

A profound learner of the language, Kapil took his swearing in oath in Sanskrit. This incident had created waves of respect for the former MLA.

Kapil Mishra was one of the first politicians to protest against the infamous Common Wealth Games of 2010

Kapil’s book, It’s Common v/s Wealth, highlighted all the scams that took place in Common Wealth Games held in New Delhi. He had also protested against the social and environmental concerns related to CWG 2010.

Kejriwal news
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He is a co-founder and coordinator of Youth For Justice

A Delhi-based social organization, Youth for Justice works for the spontaneous tackling of socio-economic issues of the country. The Youth for Justice have held protests on issues such as Jessica Lal murder trial, issues of Farmers suicides in various parts of the country, encroachment on Yamuna River bed and various other issues that directly or indirectly affect our common future.

Mishra has worked in many illustrious International Organizations

Kapil completed his post graduation masters in social work from Delhi School of Social Work. Over the years he has participated as a volunteer and thinker in many high-end organizations such as Greenpeace and Amnesty International.

Kapil has strong family values that make him a very successful politician!

Kapil’s age is 36. He is fairly young and hence capable of tackling many social issues. Kapil Mishra’s wife is Preety Mishra. Kapil Mishra’s mother and father have always stood by him in all his political campaigns. A politician can be controversial in a variety of issues but he must always be genuine in his family values and Kapil knows this very well.

Stay tuned to SocioFreak for Kejriwal’s latest news about the Water Tanker Scam and future of the Ex-Water Minister, Kapil Mishra!