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After watching Vivegam, my inner critic compelled me to do a review article on it. So here we are to discuss Vivegam movie review. Before we start, for those who don’t know, Vivegam is the latest box-office hit starring Ajith Kumar, Vivek Oberoi,  Akashara Haasan, and Kajal Aggarwal.  Directed by Siva, Vivegam movie is said to be one of the finest spy-thriller based in the Tamil language. So, let us begin! Here’s Vivegam wiki and review for you:

What’s the Craze for Vivegam Movie?

Vivegam is an Indian spy thriller movie directed and written by none other than famous Tollywood director Siva. With the lead as Thala Ajith, the movie naturally has a huge fanbase to start with. Kajal Agarwal and Vivek Oberoi are in supporting roles. What is the craze about Vivegam? Ajith and Siva have been an unmatchable duo in Tollywood since their two box-office hits, Veeram and Vedalam. Vivegam is the third movie of the super duo and it has already hit a record breaking screen count! One more reason for the movie’s craze is Bollywood actor, Vivek Oberoi! Yes, we will be seeing Vivek on-screen after a long time and fans are going nuts, no doubt! Vivegam is also Akashara Haasan’s debut movie. She is Kamal Haasan’s youngest daughter!

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Review! Review! Review!

Here’s an honest Vivegam review: For the action maniacs out there, Vivegam is the movie to watch! With continuous fight sequences, Vivegam is in my “top 10 action movies to watch in 2017 list”. Ajith’s incredible physical transformation has made a buzz on the internet already. With flashing six-packs, the lead role has done a great job in all action scenes. In between the most thrilling action sequences, the movie becomes lighter with the on-screen romance! Kajal Agarwal adds all the spice to the movie along with Akashara Haasan, who is playing a major role opposite Ajith. Coming to Vivegam movie review, instead of downloading Vivegam, I would suggest all our freaks to watch Vivgam this weekend. From our end, we give Vivegam 4 stars out of 5!

Vivegam Movie Photos:

Here are some spicy and thrilling photos of Vivegam’s cast…

#1 Kajal Agarwal in Vivegam, Looking Stunning:

Kajal Agarwal in Vivegam
Credits: Instagram

#2 Ajith in Vivegam, Looking Dangerously Handsome!

Ajith Vivegam
Credits: Instagram

#3 Vivek Oberoi in Vivegam! Friend or Foe?

Vivek Oberoi in Vivegam
Credits: Instagram

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