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Until some days ago, The Kapil Sharma Show had taken India by storm. Being one of its kind and the ultimate showman Kapil Sharma enthralling the Indian audiences with his comic timing, the show enjoyed nation-wide popularity. But recently, Kapil’s drunken fiasco with another popular actor from the show Sunil Grover led to an outbreak of many actors quitting the show. Since then, the show sunk to low ratings and a negative image was built. The show producers have tried all tricks to revive the show from rock-bottom by adding famed Indian comedian Raju Srivastava and Upasna Singh among others. The show went a step further and brought on board an adult film actress, Monica Castelino. Here are some unknown facts to know about her from Monica Castelino’s wiki.

Who is Monica Castelino?

Monica is a small time actress who came to limelight by acting in some B-grade adult films. Not much is known about her as she is one of the many people in the industry who like to keep a low profile. Some sources claim Monica’s age to be 29 years while others claim her age is 36. None of these have been confirmed yet. Monica currently lives in Mumbai, India and has been roped in as a regular artist for The Kapil Sharma show. She is a Christian by religion.

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How did Monica Enter the Glam Industry?

Monica started her career with modeling. She later entered the movie and TV industry and has done some popular B-grade movies.

She is Best Known for Acting in Soft Porn Movies

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While people have been searching for Monica Castelino’s movies, we dug deep into the Internet and found out most of her works were in adult films. Monica’s shot to fame was the adult movies Kama Sundari and Men Not Allowed. Men Not Allowed was a Lesbian love story, the concept still being a taboo in our country.  Some of her other movies are Undertrial and Dekh Bhai Dekh: Laughter Behind Darkness.

Apart from movies, she has also appeared in some Television soaps including Pratigya,, and GuppChupp.

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Monica’s Dating Timeline

Monica started dating an assistant director named Raj Singh in 2009. In 2010, the couple tied the knot in a secret ceremony. Sources even claim that even her parents didn’t know about their marriage. The couple even started their own production house the next year. Raj’s truth came out when Monica learned that he was already married to someone else and was just using her for her wealth and fame. She filed for a divorce in 2011 and is single since then.

Monica Castelino’s Hot Pics have taken over the Social Media by Storm!

Indian’s are crazy for Monica’s sexy looks and voluptuous body. And since the news of her inclusion in The Kapil Sharma Show, I am sure the show fans would like to check more of her photos. For all those searching for her, Monica Castelino doesn’t use Facebook or Instagram! Sorry for making you all sad.

Despite this being an opportunity for Monica to prove that she’s more than just an eye candy, the show fans aren’t happy with the news of her addition to the show. The show has suffered a huge setback since the exit of Sunil Grover, Ali Asghar and Chandan Prabhakar with the viewer ratings constantly declining. The show is taking a turn from a family show to an adult show with the adoption of sleazy jokes in the recent times.

We hope Monica has something mesmerizing to offer for the show’s fans!

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