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How often does it happen that you are at a random party with your friends and a photographer clicks your photo which will make you the next big thing in America? Impossible you would think, but this is what happened to a 19-year-old girl which changed her life forever. Meet Anok Yai whose world turned upside down after her photo at the Howard University homecoming party went viral.

Anok Yai’s wiki is an amazing life story which has proved an inspiration for the African-American community in the United States. How Anok was introduced to the world of modeling in the most unexpected way is a story which shows us how fate works.

Deer in Headlights!

Anok Yai Photos
Credits: Anok Yai Instagram

Yes, this is what Anok reacted on her photo which went viral overnight. Anok was attending Howard University’s homecoming party with her friend. Throughout her life, Anok was blessed with comments such as beautiful and gorgeous throughout her life, however, she considered herself a very ordinary looking girl and stayed pretty much low-key.

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Born in Egypt, her family shifted to the States when she was just two years old. Having grown watching America’s Next Top Model, Anok and her sister always dreamt of owning the runway! However, due to fear of competition, Anok bailed out on the idea of modeling and took up biochemistry at the Plymouth State University, New Hampshire. Her family is of Sudanese ancestry. She dreams of becoming a doctor someday.

America’s Next Top Model?

Anok Yai Model
Credits: Anok Yai Instagram

Recently, one of Anok’s friend asked her to join her for Howard’s homecoming. Howard’s homecoming is considered one of the most respected arts and culture festival.

Anok was thinking of this event as just another party, but her friend insisted on her being properly dressed as she wanted Anok to feel this experience. She even said, “If I see you in a T-shirt and jeans, you’re not walking with me.”

Anok decided to dress in a black top and a pair of jean shorts. Who knew this outfit would turn out to be “homerun outfit” rather than the “homecoming outfit?”

She entered the fest and started receiving appreciation from unknown people at the event. That was the moment she realized that this was a right decision. People loved her outfit so much that they even asked to click photos with her. And one of these people was Steve Hall, whose Instagram upload shook Anok’s world.

We could say that Steve was mesmerized due to Anok’s beauty and asked her for a photo shoot right away. While talking to the Washington Post, Steve described her as “Mysterious. Just a tall, dark-skinned and insanely beautiful person.” And also told her “I don’t know what you’ve been doing, but you should definitely be photographed and you should be modeling.”

Anok Yai’s Instagram Fame: How She Went Viral Overnight!

Anok Yai Pics
Credits: Anok Yai Instagram

Steve Hall uploaded her photos on his Instagram page and this was THE MOMENT of Anok’s life. The first photo received more than 30,000 likes and the second one 21,000 in just a matter of some hours. If that’s not enough, Anok’s followers skyrocketed from 300 to 50,000 from Monday night to Tuesday morning. Anok’s was ecstatic and couldn’t believe what was happening with her! Well if you ask me, who would?

The next thing she knew, her phone was constantly ringing throughout the day and all the best modeling agencies wanted a piece of her. The next thing she knew, she was all over the country for interviews with the top-most modeling agencies. The most persistent ones even flew her to their offices, just like she dreamt of as a child while watching America’s Next Top Model. Anok Yai’s modeling career was just getting started and she was living “The American Dream!”

Anok Yai’s photos are gaining huge online popularity and we can’t help but admire this young lady who is making waves in the fashion industry with no background at all!

Anok has set some serious #lifegoals for us and we have so much to learn from her story. As a kid, she was always insecure about her skin color as light-skinned and white girls were the ones with the most media spotlight. She says she would try to change the way people feel about colorism and imbibe the value of self-confidence among girls.

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