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Harish Salve, India’s highest paid lawyer presented India’s case in the Kulbhushan Jadhav trial today. Jadhav is an Indian national, a former Naval officer, who was arrested by the Pakistan forces for alleged terrorism and spying charges. The ICJ refused to let Pakistan play doctored video of Kulbhushan Jadhav’s confession. What remains to be seen is that will the ICJ override their decision of the execution of Jadhav? However, our focus is on the high profile lawyer Harish Salve. Who is this Harish Salve? Here’s Harish Salve’s wiki to know more about the reputed lawyer.

Harish Salve, age 61, was born on June 22, 1955, in Nagpur. Belonging to a legal background, with a history of lawyers in the family, it comes as no surprise why Harish chose to become a lawyer. Harish belongs to a highly educated family. His grandfather P. K. Salve was a successful criminal lawyer and his great grandfather was a subordinate judge. Salve’s mother Ambriti Salve, was a doctor by profession, and his father N. P. K. Salve was a renowned politician. Harish has one sister named Arundati.

Harish married Meenakshi, and the couple has two daughters Saaniya and Sakshi. Harish Salve’s daughter Saaniya Salve made the news when the Bombay High Court issued a notice to Goa as Saaniya’s wedding to Armaan Siddiqui held in the beach village of Candolim wasn’t legal as the Special Marriage Act is not applicable in Goa.

Harish Salve is the Most Expensive Lawyer in India

Harish is a former Solicitor General of India. He has represented several high profile clients including Mulayam Singh Yadav, Parkash Singh Badal, Ratan Tata Lalit Modi, Mukesh Ambani and none other than Salman Khan! Yes, he saved Salman Khan a term of five years of jail in the infamous hit and run case. And not just that, he just got Salman Khan out on bail within hours of the judgment. Such is the influence of this person! And no wonder, he is the most expensive lawyer in India as of 2017. We are sure with such money, Harish Salve’s house must be a lavish affair.

Before entering the legal profession, Harish completed his studies of Chartered Accountancy and practiced as a CA specializing in taxation. Having achieved quite a lot throughout his career, Harish Salve’s education and experience speak for themselves.

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Credits: India Times

Harish Salve’s Fees are a Bomb! He Charges ₹30 Lakhs per Day

This is true. He charges his clients ₹30 lakhs a day. And why not, which such a talent and quick thinking, he has done wonders for his clients. He won Mukesh Ambani’s gas dispute against his brother Anil Ambani, who was represented by another stalwart, Ram Jethmalani. It is speculated that Mukesh Ambani had to pay Salvi a hefty sum of ₹15 crores! Wait till you here the next one, it is being said that he will receive a whopping ₹60 crore in the Tamil Nadu forest case! This guy never fails to impress us.

He is the World’s 20th Richest Lawyer with a Net Worth of $6 Million

Salve’s fees are something a common man can never afford. All of his clients are high profile hence his has amassed a lot of wealth throughout the years. Harish Salve’s net worth of $6 million comes from his representation of India’s most famous people including politicians, Bollywood actors and the richest businessman.

He is the 43rd Most Powerful Indian

Given his wealth and expertise in judicial matters, he is referred to as one of the most powerful people in India. He made it to the 43rd position of the Most Powerful Indian list by IndiaToday. His experience in the legal matters has made him a leading counsel in debates like Ratan Tata vs Cyrus Mistry, Daiichi vs Ranbaxy, Prashant Bhushan vs Reliance Jio Infocomm among dozen others.

We are yet to know if India’s most sought after lawyer can save our officer overseas. We hope he can bring back Kulbhushan and win the case which will overrule his execution in Pakistan. May the legal master lead us to the path of victory and justice.

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