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Fathima Babu is best known all over India for her majestic and heavenly voice that never fails to grasp the attention viewers. Be it a TV commercial, a movie or a news show, Fatima has a very exclusive way of charming the audience. She is best known as a former anchor on the infamous news channel Doordarshan. Fathima has a lot of controversies surrounding her. Fathima Babu’s rape case against former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Karunanidhi’s son, M.K. Stalin had shocked the world. What are the facts we know about Fathima Babu and MK Stalin rape case? Where is Fathima Babu currently? How old is she? SocioFreak has answers to all your questions! Read ahead to know more about Fathima Babu’s wiki and latest news:

A Malayali born in Puducherry!

Born on 6th August 1968, Fathima Babu’s age is 49. Fathima was born in Puducherry, Tamil Nadu. Fathima Babu’s family is from Malayali origins. Having an inclination to arts, literature and liberal arts, Fathima’s future was was as good as foreseen. From TV commercials, Television shows and news anchoring to starring in some of the top-notch Kollywood movies of the 80’s, Fathima has done it all!

Event Today, Babu is an Inspiration to News Anchors!

If you surf YouTube and go way back to the 80’s, you might find Fathima Babu’s Doordarshan videos and within seconds you will realize what I meant by a heavenly voice! Grace, charisma and elegance runs in her blood! She was known for her fantastic speech delivery which grasped the attention of the audience almost immediately! Her mastery of languages was another mesmerizing feature of the TV anchor.  Fathima Babu’s young photos are worth a watch. Here is one of the most beautiful photo of Fathima found on Fatima Babu’s Facebook:

Fathima Babu hot
Credits: Facebook

Stunned? So am I…

Her career in the Film Industry is also Splendid!

Babu has acted in several Mollywood and Tollywood movies. Below are some of Fatima Babu’s movies:

  1. At Andheri: 2014(Malayalam)
  2. Gramam: 2011(Malayalam)
  3. Kaila Kaasu Vaaila Thosa: 2011(Tamil)
  4. Aayiram Poi Solli: 2002(Tamil)
  5. Unnidathil Ennai Koduthen: 1998(Tamil)

Fathima Babu and MK Stalin, The Tragedy of the 80’s!

Not much material is available on the internet about Fathima Babu’s rape, kidnapping and assault charges against M.K. Stalin. After hours of extensive research, SocioFreak was finally able to obtain some substantial information about Fatima Babu’s rape. Here’s what we found out:

Who is M.K. Stalin?

Some of you might know him, some of you might not. MK Stalin is the son of the former CM of Tamil Nadu. He is currently the President of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam. Back in the 1980’s Stalin was known to be a notorious Casanova and a womanizer.

What had happened between Fathima Babu and Stalin?

Stalin was accused of kidnapping and raping the then news reader of Doordarshan, Fathima Babu. There are reports suggesting that in the mid 80’s Stalin raped over 300 different women! The truth never came out.

Here’s the Fatima Babu MK Stalin Case!

Politics breeds in Stalin’s family. The charges against him were never proved. He was given charge of the DMK youth wing by his father. Later on, he became the mayor of Chennai. He went on to enter the state cabinet and was later made the Deputy CM. The wily politician that Karunanidhi was, he ensured a smooth transition of power to his son. Such was the tragedy of Fatima Babu’s rape case!

Where is Fatima Babu Now?

Not much is known about Fatima Babu’s husband or her family. Fatima Babu’s Facebook and Instagram is always active. She likes to be connected to her fans through social media. She is on the verge of entering Politics. Fathima has recently campaigned for Assembly polls in Tamil Nadu in 2016 for the ruling AIADMK party in few villages in Erode district. She is a Hindu turned Muslim!

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