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Conspiracy theories and propaganda have been in India for decades. Unanswered questions and unexplained answers revolve around the Indian history. What are these conspiracy theories? They are events in the Indian history that might be having an alternate explanation or have been purposefully hidden from the masses or some which were created for the masses! Though these theories have no solid proof of existence, they are sure to fascinate us all. Here are 3 such conspiracy theories that revolve around the deaths of the 3 famous people which are sure to baffle you!

#3 The Death of Sanjay Gandhi…

It is believed that Indra Gandhi conspired to kill her own son, Sanjay. There are numerous links to this conspiracy theory that almost make it sound true. Sanjay Gandhi was a key figure during the emergency. In the post-emergency period, Sanjay’s reforms on population control shocked the world. He was becoming a liability for the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Another theory suggests that Sanjay rose to power during the emergency by blackmailing his mother. Somehow conspiracy theorists believe that Sanjay got to know about his biological father who was other than Firoze. He used this to leverage his own mother to obtain power during the emergency. This theory surrounds the facts that there are many extramarital affairs associated with the then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. A recent glitch that was released by WikiLeaks in April 2013 indicates that there were three assassination attempts on Sanjay Gandhi. After the decisive defeat of the Congress in the 1977 election, Janata Party swept to power but in all investigations that followed, there was no mention of any attempts to kill Sanjay. Sanjay Gandhi died in a plane crash on June 23, 1980, right after Congress came back to power. After the plane crash, Indira was spotted retrieving a few items from the crash site. Some believe that she got hold of a key which held classified documents in the Swiss bank.

sanjay gandhi death
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#2 The Death of Homi Jehangir Bhabha…

Homi Jehangir Bhabha also apparently died in a plane crash. One of the most experienced pilots of Air India had radioed the control tower minutes before the crash that all instruments were working fine. The plane, flying at least 3,000 feet above the Mont Blanc summit crashed right into it moments later. Also, there was absolutely no debris found what-so-ever. How is it possible? Conspiracy theorists say that there was a bomb in the luggage compartment that went off mid-air killing everyone on board. Before you say that this theory is downright false, here is a piece of evidence which will make you think twice. Dr. Homi Bhabha was known as the father of Indian nuclear physics. Along with Lal Bahadur Shastri, he worked for the development of India as a nuclear power. It was apparent that higher powers like the US were unhappy with this. It is said that the CIA stepped in to sabotage Dr. Bhabha’s Air India flight 101 which resulted in the killing of 116 others.

homi jehangir bhabha death
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#1 The Death of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose…

One of the most talked-about conspiracy theories of all time is the death of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. “Did Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose die” remains as one of the most intriguing questions to conspiracy theorists even today. With new evidence piling up, we are close to figuring out the truth behind Netaji’s death. Netaji boarded a flight to the Soviet Union in August 1945. The plane stopped at many fueling stops during its journey towards the Soviet Union, the final being Taipei, Taiwan (then Taihoku, Formosa). Right after take off, the plane crashed and Bose emerged from it with 3rd-degree burns and succumbed to his injuries later. However, none of his companions who were left behind saw any body, photographs or even a death certificate. So there were reasons to believe that he faked his own death. There are some astounding claims of many people which make this conspiracy theory almost believable. Netaji’s bodyguard mentioned that he met Bose a year after the alleged crash in Thailand. He confirmed that Netaji had mastered the art of disguise having tricked the British countless times. Rumours suggest that Netaji attended Gandhiji’s funeral as a sadhu in Delhi in 1948. The most interesting claim is of people from Faizabad who believed Bose to have settled in Faizabad disguised as a sadhu by the name of Gumnami Baba. The remaining members of the Bose family were approached for donating a milliliter of a blood for matching their DNA with that of the Gumnami Baba. However, the results were negative. However, there is an acute resemblance between Netaji Bose and Gumnami Baba. Take a look:

netaji subhas chandra bose death
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