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Here’s a story of a young bodybuilder who has won the Miss World title at the World Bodybuilding Championship held in Venice and has made all of India proud! The name behind the Miss World title is Bhumika Sharma! Bhumika Sharma’s bodybuilding at the even left me speechless and like the super-awed judges I too stood up in my living room and raised my glass to congratulate this fine woman! Bhumika Sharma’s photo holding the tricolor will leave tears of happiness rolling down your cheek. So what else do we know about Bhumika Sharma? Where is she from? How old is she? What is Bhumika Sharma’s bodybuilding routine? We have it all in Bhumika Sharma’s wiki given right below along with some of her most steamy photos from World Bodybuilding Championship!

Don’t Mess With a Girl from Dehradun! Didn’t they tell you?

You guessed it right! Sharma comes from Dehradun. She is 21-years old and trust me you don’t want to judge her by her age! One look at Bhumika Sharma’s bodybuilding and you might just run away. She is a beast! Bhumika Sharma’s family is an interesting one. Her mother, Hansa Manral Sharma was the coach of the Indian Women’s Weightlifting Team. Now here’s an irony: Bhumika Sharma’s mother wanted her to become a shooter instead of a bodybuilder! Well, tides swayed the other way and Bhumika Sharma too landed in the Indian Bodybuilding Team. Destiny…

Trust me! She is a Beast…

You’ll know what I mean by a BEAST only when you check out Bhumika Sharma’s photo right below:

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Credits: Facebook

The Miss World…

The World Bodybuilding Championship was held last week in Venice. Including Sharma, 27 other Indians entered the competition. There was a total of 50 participants around the globe. Bhumika Sharma emerged as the Miss World. In an interview, Bhumika had expressed gratitude towards her coach, Bhupendra Sharma and her mother for supporting her bodybuilding passion. What lies ahead for the 21-year-old bodybuilder? We know the answer! It is the World Universe Championship which will be held in December 2017! In an interview earlier this week, Bhumika told the press that she has already started her workout for the event!

SocioFreak wishes all the best Bhumika Sharma for her future endeavors and we hope to see you making India proud once again! Jai Hind!

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