Baiju Kottarakkara

Baiju Kottarakkara is one of the most renowned directors in the Malayalam film industry from the 90s. He has directed some of the most popular movies during that time and is still considered a prominent force in the South Indian cinema world. Here’s our Baiju Kottarakkara wiki to know some unknown facts about the famed director.

Baiju Kottarakkara’s age is unknown as the veteran director rarely makes news these days. His life is a secret and he likes to maintain a low profile in the media. He has raised his voice for the welfare of Human Rights violation and that is the only recent news he has been heard for.

Baiju Kottarakkara’s Wife Sonia

Baiju married Sonia, who entered the Malayalam industry as a child actor. She debuted with Mizhineerpoovukal. They worked together in the movie Kambolam and that was the beginning of their friendship. Their relationship grew to a new level and later they got married. However, they got divorced and both of them take care of their children, a young daughter, and a son.

Baiju Kottarakkara’s Movies         

Baiju was in the movie industry for a mere seven years. His movie career didn’t include many movies but some of his directorial ventures were huge hits. Baiju Kottarakkara’s movies include action flicks which are pure entertainers for the audience. Baiju has directed six movies over a career span of seven years.

Baiju’s movies are Kambolam (1994), Boxer (1995), Vamsam (1997), Kalaapam (1998), James Bond (1999) and Koodariyaathe (2001).

Baiju Kottarakkara’s Son & Daughter were Locked Out of their Own House by a Federal Bank Manager

In May 2017, a Federal Bank manager named Anitha, and a bank employee Shinto broke into Baiju’s house while his children were away for their classes. When they came back, they were told that the bank had taken over their house and they can’t enter the house. When the children requested to stay in the house, they were warned by the officer about a physical assault by some local goons. This scared the children and his daughter even passed out. However, the bank denied all the claims and took over the property as it was worth ₹2 crores, and supposedly, no one was living there. The latest updates of the vase are unknown.

Baiju is the General Secretary of the Malayalam Cine Technicians’ Association (MAACTA)

Baiju fights for the human rights violation in the Malayalam industry and is the General Secretary of MAACTA. He is considered one of the foremost figures who fight against injustice against actors.

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