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IPL is not only about cricket but also about the tittle-tattle that comes with it. With rumors about Yuzvendra Chahal’s marriage with Tanishka Kapoor floating around, fans have been gossiping about the actress and her relationship with the cricketer. Although the duo has confirmed that the rumors aren’t true, the entire gossip has left fans skeptical.

Nevertheless, the actress has come into the limelight and people are going crazy for Tanishka Kapoor’s photos! In spite of her Instagram account is private, SocioFreak has managed to get some snaps of the gorgeous Tollywood actress right here! So without wasting a minute, check out Tanishka Kapoor’s hot pics below!

#1 Always Better If You Got The Desi Looks!

tanishka kapoor hot
Credits: Facebook

#2 I’m Sexy And I Know It!

tanishka kapoor hot pics
Credits: Facebook

#3 The Pajama Party Look!

tanishka kapoor hot photos
Credits: Facebook

#4 Go Green!

tanishka actress photos
Credits: Facebook

#5 Work Mode?!

tanishka pics
Credits: Facebook

It would probably come out as a shock to you guys but Kapoor is quite connected to the B-Town industry as well. She is often seen partying with some of the hot guns of Bollywood and I would not be shocked if she announces her Bollywood debut soon. Here are some of the photos found on her Facebook page. (See if she knows your favorite star)

tanishka kapoor sexy images
Credits: Facebook
tanishka kapoor wallpapers
Credits: Facebook
tanishka kapoor bollywood debut
Credits: Facebook
tanishka kapoor and akshay kumar
Credits: Facebook
tanishka sexy
Credits: Facebook
tanishka kapoor photo
Credits: Facebook
tanishka kapoor actress
Credits: Facebook

Enjoyed checking out Tanishka’s photos? Don’t stop there! Check out Taniskha Kapoor’s wiki right here!

neeraj madhav marriage

Neeraj Madhav and Deepthi have been a couple long enough that you might have even considered them married. However, the duo tied the knot on April 2, 2018, in a sweet traditional Hindu wedding attended by a bunch of friends, family members and of course the whole of M-Town!

While we are waiting on the details of the wedding ceremony, we do not want to keep you waiting for their wedding photos are finally out!

Just as Neeraj Madhav’s marriage photos were released, I could not help but rate the duo as 2018’s best couple already! You will soon find out why…

While the teaser of their wedding rituals was released online, I could not help but notice the simplistic, yet elegant nature of their marriage. Neeraj was dressed in a white mundu and the bride looked exquisite in a white and gold Kerala sari. Here’s the look:

neeraj madhav marriage photos
Credits: Instagram

The rituals seemed to be similar to that of a Brahmin wedding and were reportedly carried out at a pandal in the courtyard of an ancestral home inKannur Sreekandapuram.

neeraj madhav deepthi
Credits: Instagram

Hats off to the photographers who managed to capture all the beautiful moments in the ceremony. Here’s a photo of Neeraj Madhav’s wife, Deepthi! Wow, did she look beautiful!

neeraj madhav wife photos
Credits: Instagram

Here’s a glance at the couple conducting the wedding rituals. Aren’t they all smiley!

neeraj madhav and deepthi photos
Credits: Instagram

Can’t help but fall in love with them, can we?

neeraj madhav wedding photos
Credits: Instagram

Madhav has starred in 18 Malayalam roles including blockbusters like Drishyam (2013), Oru Vadakkan Selfie (2015), Adi Kapyare Kootamani (2015) and more recently, Oru Mexican Aparatha (2017).

Further in 2018, he is expected to be seen in Rosapoo and Mamankam.

According to sources, Madhav and Deepthi’s wedding reception will be held on April 4, 2018. So stay tuned to SocioFreak, because as always we will bring all the gossip and love from M-town to B-town at a click of a button!


Sidhu Moose Wala became a superstar overnight after his song, So High received 66 Million views! The Punjabi rapper-lyricist announced that he will be touring India in March yesterday on his Instagram page, which, by the way, has 480K followers! Yes, you heard it right and it would only be unfair if I did not cover Sidhu Moose Wala’s wiki!

Let’s start with the basics:

Sidhu Moose Wala was born on 11th June 1993 in a small village, Moosa in the district of Mansa in Punjab, India. Do you think that he was born with that name? Definitely not!

Here’s Sidhu’s real name: Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu!

As a child, Sidhu had great affection towards Punjabi music and was a lyricist by heart. He got inspiration from his favorite singer, Diljit Dosanjh and decided to become a singer himself. Most of the Punjabi singers and artists compromise their academic goals in order to excel in their respective arts. Not Sidhu!

Sidhu completed his Electrical Engineering from Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College in Ludhiana and started his career as a full-time singer since then.

Why the fame, you ask? I got the answer:

Sidhu has composed over 20 songs in 2017 and has been featured in RED FM Vancouver, Canada.

In the times when Honey Singh and Baadshah were ruling the Punjabi music industry, who would’ve thought that a boy from Ludhiana would be willing to step in the rat race? Not only did this boy enter the race with full throttle but survived it! Today, Sidhu Moose Wala’s songs are played in every Punjabi wedding and his fanbase keeps skyrocketing!

What is he up to now?

Sidhu Moose Wala can be seen performing in live shows to concerts anywhere and everywhere in Punjab! He is also preparing for his tour in March 2018 in India. He released its first poster on his Instagram page, yesterday.

Take a look:

?? soon ?

A post shared by Sidhu Moosewala (ਮੂਸੇ ਆਲਾ) (@sidhu_moosewala) on

Here’s a little something about Sidhu Moose Wala’s songs:

Starting out in 2017, Sidhu released more than 20 hit songs. Some of the tracks are Life Style, Its All About You, Mustang, So High, Just Listen, Approach, and Issa Jatt. The link to his YouTube channel is right here where you will get all his music videos. Sidhu’s new song, So High is my personal favorite!

Here it is:

Sidhu Moose hasn’t released any song in 2018 but we are hoping he will perform an original album in his India tour. For updates on Sidhu Moose Wala’s new songs stay tuned to SocioFreak!


Priyanka Chopra and Meghan Markle share a special bond of friendship. They are practically like sisters. The Priyanka Chopra Meghan Markle duo met at a party in Toronto. While Markle was still shooting Suits, Chopra was busy with Quantico. Since then, they have been spotted together on multiple occasions. Be it shopping in Beverly Hills, partying in Malibu and a brunch in NYC, the two are always spotted together. Meghan Markle’s Instagram features a lot of photos of the duo hanging out together. Take a look at this one:

Here’s another Priyanka Chopra and Meghan Markle photo that will make you envy their sisterhood:

Talk about a date night? Check this out!

Moreover, take a look at Priyanka Chopra’s Instagram photo while congratulating Meghan Markle and Prince Harry:

Reports suggest that Priyanka Chopra might be one of the contenders for the bridesmaid position in the royal wedding. Other contenders include fashion stylist Jessica Mulroney, tennis player Serena Williams and former Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh! Who do you think will become Meghan’s bridesmaid? The Royal Wedding is scheduled for May 2018. Stay tuned to SocioFreak for the latest news about Priyanka Chopra, Meghan Markle, and the Royal wedding!

suhaib ilyasi convicted

The host of the once popular crime show, India’s Most Wanted, Suhaib Ilyasi was convicted of the murder of his wife, Anju on Saturday. The 51-year-old, Ilyasi faces a minimum punishment of life imprisonment and the maximum of the death penalty in the case. Suhaib Ilyasi’s wife case which lasted 17 long years is filled with twist and turns and ironies. The details of the case were revealed by Additional Sessions Judge S. K. Malhotra earlier today. Read further to know more about Suhaib Ilyasi’s wife Anju, Anju Ilyasi wiki and her murder case which lasted for almost two decades!

What Happened on January 11th, 2000?

Suhaib was at the peak of his career when the news of his wife’s death came through. On the night of 11th January 2000, Anju Ilyasi was rushed to a local hospital with multiple stab wounds in her abdomen. She was later declared dead on arrival. The initial police reports suggested the cause of Anju Ilyasi’s death as a suicide. Other than that, no suicide note was found! Anju’s mother, Rukma Singh blamed Suhaib for the suicide of her only daughter, stating that the latter tortured her for large amounts of dowry and assets throughout their marriage. Suhaib was arrested on March 28, 2000, and charges of milder sections including 304 B (dowry death) of the IPC were leveled on him.

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Justice Be Served!

The year 2014 marked an important twist in Suhaib Ilyasi’s wife, Anju’s case. In 2011, Rukma, Anju Ilyasi’s mother, demanded that Suhaib must be tried for murder too. Initially, the trial court rejected this demand. However, Delhi High Court ordered the east Delhi court in 2014 to try Ilyasi for murder as well. On Saturday, 16th December 2017, Suhaib Ilyasi was convicted of the murder of his wife Anju by the Delhi High Court. The quantum of his sentence will be announced on 20th December 2017. Here’s a photo of Suhaib Ilyasi’s wife Anju:

suhaib ilyasi wife anju
Credits: Instagram

The Anju Ilyasi murder case was one of the longest cases in the history of the Indian Judicial System, lasting for almost two decades! After his wife’s death, Suhaib Ilyasi moved on to produce another crime show. However, the show was canceled after a year. He later launched Bureaucracy Today, a magazine on civil servants and governance issues. He also entered into a legal battle with Anju’s family over the custody of his daughter.  He is also acquitted in passport case, while the charges are still pending in the trial court.

padmavati trailer

Earlier today, Deepika Padukone gave us the official Padmavati Trailer release date. The trailer of Padmavati was launched today at 1:00 pm on Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s twitter. Here’s what Deepika tweeted early morning about Padmavati trailer…

The story of Padmavati is about the legendary queen Rani Padmini! With a solid cast, great direction and a huge pre-existing fan base, this movie will surely go in my Top 10 Movies of 2017 List! The Padmavati trailer somewhat reminded me of Bajirao Mastani, another of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s golden movies.The screenplay for Padmavati is also written by the director,  Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The rustic look, the elegant jewelry, and some pristine locations make the Padmavati trailer even more attractive. Deepika Padukone the lead role, in and as Padmavati looks resplendent in her glorious outfits. Shahid who plays Rawal Ratan Singh looks rather dangerous. And then there is Ranveer Singh who catches our breath in Padmavati trailer. He is supposedly playing the role of Alauddin Khiliji.

Padmavati’s Story!

For those of you who do not know the real story behind Padmavati, Rani Padmini was a 13th-14th-century Indian queen. The princess of the Jaisalmer Kingdom, daughter of Raval Punya Pal, Padmini was known throughout India for her exceptional beauty. It is said that the Rajput ruler of Chittor, Ratan Sen, heard about her beauty from a talking parrot named Hiraman. Through a lot of effort and persistence, the young prince finally married Padmavati and made her his Queen. Subsequently, Padmini became the Queen of Chittor and moved to Chittor with Ratan Sen. At the same time, Alauddin Khalji, the Sultan of Delhi had also heard about Padmavati’s beauty. He launched a battle against Chittor to obtain her. Devpal, the King of Kumbhalner was also enamored with Padmavati’s beauty. Subsequently, even he attacked Chittor in order to obtain her. Unfortunately, Ratan Sen was killed in a combat with Devpal. This gave Alauddin Khalji an upper edge. He conquered Chittor but before he could capture Padmavati, the queen and her companions committed Jauhar (self-immolation) to protect their honor.

Padmavati’s Trailer!

Without wasting any more time, I present you, the official trailer of Padmavati! Have a look Padmavati’s trailer on Youtube is also available. However, Padmavati trailer’s download options aren’t disclosed!

Hope you enjoyed  Padmavati trailer! Leave comments on SocioFreak’s Facebook page! Stay tuned!

farhan akhtar open letter

The Kangana Hrithik battle got uglier this week after Hrithik voiced against the actress on Arnab Goswami’s show. He openly accused the 30-year-old actress of sending him sensual messages. This bold accusation was a reply to Kangana’s interviews with Rajeev Masand, Barkha Dutt, and Rajat Sharma, in which she defamed Roshan to a derogatory extent.

Earlier this week, Hrithik’s ex-wife Sussanne Khan, came out to support Roshan. Many other B-Town celebs have voiced opinions about the Hrithik Kangana matter. Recently, Farhan Akhtar’s Facebook shared an open letter citing support for Hrithik. Farhan Akhtar’s letter was so well constructed and so deep that it almost made me numb for a while. Here’s what the actor had to say:

“Today I read an open letter written by a man I know about a woman I know, professionally, at best. Although a controversy about them is going around since a while now, to my best knowledge this is the first time this man has expressed his point of view.

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I am not the authority on who is right or wrong in their situation, that’s for the cybercrime officials to figure out, but I do feel certain aspects of the way the events have unfolded need comment.
Like anyone who has an iota of objectivity and sense of fairness, I too agree that in our society, more often than not, it is the woman who suffers injustice and repression. It is horrifying but true that in some cases of rape, a section of society has blamed the victim. I have always found this to be unacceptable.

4 years ago, I founded MARD (Men Against Rape & Discrimination) and through the initiative, I have been vocal in my fight against gender-related violence and in highlighting cases of discrimination against women and the LGBTI community.

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Although it is true that in most cases it is a woman that has been wronged, there is a difference between ‘most’ and ‘all’
However few and rare they may be, there have been cases where men have been stalked, harassed and falsely accused. This reality has been accepted by the highest courts of our land.
It is in this spirit of objectivity and fairness that today I must speak up.
The way this episode has played out with sections of our media is worrisome.
Some of our most reputed journalists have, consciously or unconsciously, pushed one side of the narrative WITHOUT having or presenting any evidence to back the claims being made by the woman. They’ve accepted her story at face value.

Isn’t this discriminating against the other party? For a moment, lets put aside emotion, prejudice, biases, our understandably protective instincts and look at the facts as they exist today. She claims they had an affair lasting 7 years and during that period, they exchanged a number of emails. While he denies ever mailing her, he has filed an official complaint, shared and submitted all necessary information and documents, handed over his personal phone and laptop to the concerned authorities. The woman has not. Apparently, she has avoided, till date, submitting her personal communication devices citing some reason or the other. In some past cases, this lack of cooperation has been deemed to be obstruction of justice. Handing over her phone and computer is not only the right thing to do morally and legally but is also the best possible way for her to prove she’s telling the truth. So why refuse or delay? Apparently, he has over a thousand emails from her official email account which is intimate and sexual in their content. She claims not to have written them but alleges that he hacked her account and mailed himself. If they were in a 7 year long mutually agreeable relationship, why would he need to do that? Does it not defy logic? Also, did he reply to any of her emails? As far as we know, No. Not one single time.

Pause here and ask yourself…
If a woman was to receive these sort of emails from a man and she claimed harassment, what would your immediate reaction be? Would you have given the man the benefit of doubt by believing him if he said they were in a relationship and she had hacked into his computer and sent herself the emails..? Chances are you wouldn’t.

There’s more. She posted a picture of them together claiming it was taken during the years of their alleged affair. That picture was proved, beyond doubt, to have been manipulated. The actual image consisted of a group of friends including the man’s wife (now ex-wife) standing together in a party. Why were the others intentionally cropped out?
She has no messages and no photographs to prove that she was in a 7-year long relationship with this man. Not even a picture of their alleged engagement in Paris, an event which he denies. Furthermore, he has asserted that his passport does not bear any stamp of travel to France during the time she alleges the engagement occurred nor are there any credible witnesses to this event. Don’t all these inconsistencies raise questions in your mind about the authenticity of the accusations? So what is the truth? Well, the truth is that WE do not know the truth. The reason I felt the need to say this is that it is apparent that some people have already jumped to conclusions while some are deriving some sort of voyeuristic pleasure by encouraging the woman to carry on speaking. This is being done without a seconds pause to consider the effect her words will have on the person, his family or his children. As great as all of it may be for TRP, it’s in terrible taste. Until such a time that the matter is brought to its logical conclusion by the authorities, we must avoid vilifying the man on the basis of unsubstantiated statements. That is what we would have done if this story had played the other way around. That’s what we must do given how it is now. Let’s not discriminate.”

Well chosen words, huh?! Now it remains to be seen what Kangana has to say about Farhan Akhtar’s open letter. Stay tuned to SocioFreak Facebook for the latest news about the Kangana Hrithik battle.

Have a nice day!

marina kuwar wiki

Two days back the latest news from model Marina Kuwar’s wiki reported her accusing the infamous “Rockstar Baba, Baba Ram Rahim of being a sex addict. According to reports, Marina and Ram Rahim had met in his gufa (cave) to discuss a role she wanted in a movie. She further accused Ram Rahim of inappropriately touching her as well as groping her in exchange for money as well as the role in the movie. She also told the media that all these incidents happened in presence of Baba Ram Rahim’s daughter, Honeypreet Insan! She later took the matter to Twitter! Here’s what she had to say…

I am sure by now you are all wondering who is model Marina? Marina Kuwar’s hot debut in Bigg Boss 9 attracted her a huge fan base. Her titillating hot pics gained popularity all over the social network. Be it her Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, this model is active everywhere, constantly posting one thing or the other to keep her fans engaged. Marina Kuwar’s Instagram photos are the talk of B-Town! Without a wait of a second, let us move on to Marina Kuwar’s wiki!

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Disclaimer: Do NOT forget to check out Marina Kuwar hot pics!

Chori Delhi Ki!

Marina was born and brought up in Delhi. She completed her education from DAV College, New Delhi. Born in the early 1990’s, Marina Kuwar’s age is around 26. A supreme interest in arts and fashion led Marina to the path of modeling. If you get a chance to meet her personally, there would be no doubt in your mind that she is a Delhiite! The super hot dressing sense, the bold attitude, steamy elegance and a resplendent outlook makes Marina Kuwar one of the hottest models in all of India! Be it, Qutab Minar, Lodi Gardens or Chandani Chowk, if you are roaming around in Delhi it is impossible to not see a billboard where Marina isn’t present. Yes! She is that popular in Delhi. Working for some of the top-notch modeling and advertisement firms, Kuwar has certainly made a name for herself. She has worked for firms like Anima Models and Fieldcraft Entertainment. She was also a marketing executive in the United States couple of years back. She stays in Delhi with a family of four but hops to different places all over the world for shoots and what not! One hell of a girl!

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Marina Kuwar is A Goddamm Brand Name Herself!

Marina Kuwar’s wiki is all about her status as a model. Marina’s modeling career has been a boom right from the start. She has been a brand ambassador of some kickass brands all over the globe. Her most famous advertisements include brands such as Benetton, Pantaloons, Volkswagen, La Senza and Monte Carlo. I still remember her first consignment as an advertisement model! Guess the company? It was Canon! Check out Marina Kuwar’s Instagram for more of her modeling photos…

marina model
Credits: Instagram

Bigg Boss 9? Really?

Yes! Above all her achievements, Marina really came into the spotlight of the media gauntlet when she walked on the red carpet at Bigg Boss 9! She was one of the most beautiful contestants of Bigg Boss 9. I wish I could see her back on the show sometime in the future. Kuwar also entered TV at the same time. In 2015 she was seen in Zee TV’s Qubool Hai! God, she was good!

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Runner-Up Model, Marina Kuwar?!

Yes! Marina has been a runner-up model for 2012’s Maxim, a lifestyle magazine based in India! Marina Kuwar’s hot pics will hit you like Mayweather’s punch! I promise that! Just keep reading…

Who Is Marina Kuwar’s Boyfriend?

Marina was once upon a time, actor, Mayur Verma’s girlfriend. Their relationship was never officially disclosed, however, they were often spotted by paparazzi while holding hands in public places on various occasions. The duo split around the time of Marina Kuwar’s Bigg Boss debut. Since then, no Marina Kuwar boyfriend has been listed. Sometimes it makes me wish the two should have stuck together. Here’s a photo of Marina Kuwar and Mayur Verma…

marina kuwar and mayur verma
Credits: Instagram

Finally!  Marina Kuwar’s Hot Pics Will Prove That It Was Worth The Wait!

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Marina Kuwar is a Social Media fanatic! Be it Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter, you will always see Kuwar active. She likes to keep in touch with her fans on a regular basis by uploading pics from shoots or advertisements. She is also known to be a largess. She is often seen helping NGO’s with something or the other. Being a dog lover herself, Kuwar uploads a lot of photos with dogs on her Instagram!

So! Here’s the first of Marina Kuwar hot pics!

#1 Top-Notch! Didn’t I Already Tell You?

Here’s the first photo of our Marina Kuwar hot pics gallery. It is from Marina Kuwar’s Instagram. Check it out…

marina kuwar instagram
Credits: Instagram

#2 Red Woman!

Here’s model Marina Kuwar’s sexy photo in a stunning red dress…

marina kuwar model
Credits: Instagram

#3 Oh! Things Just Got Intense!

Wow! Check out Marina Kuwar’s bikini pic! Can’t get over it…

marina kuwar bikini
Credits: Instagram

#4 Oh Oh! Didn’t I Warn You Of The Jab?

Marina Kuwar’s sexy Instagram photo, guys! Download it!

marina kuwar sexy
Credits: Instagram

#5 Savage! Won’t You Agree?

marina kuwar
Credits: Instagram

#6 Model Marina Kuwar’s Hot Pics Will Give You Sleepless Nights!

marina kuwar model hot pics
Credits: Instagram

#7 Weekly Wallpaper?

Here’s Marina Kuwar’s hot HD wallpaper! Enjoy…

marina kuwar hot hd wallpaper
Credits: Instagram

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anushka shetty hot pics

It has been 6 months since the release of Bahubali 2 and Anushka Shetty has still managed to keep her fans awake at night! Anushka Shetty’s photos are always floating in and about any goddam social networking site. Be it Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, Anushka Shetty’s hot pics are everywhere. The “Desi” attire and the western elegance is what makes Shetty so resplendent that be it a person in North India or South, everybody craves for Anushka Shetty hot pics!

Anushka who was seen on-screen as Devasena in Bahubali did a splendid job as a co-star in both movies against Prabhas. Rumours about Prabhas and Anushka’s engagement in December were floating for quite a long time. However, two days back, in an interview, Prabhas told the media that both of them were focussing on their respective careers currently. He acknowledged that Anushka had been his friend since past 10 years but they were not in a relationship ever. Both happy and sad for Prabhas and Anushka fans, I guess?

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Today, SocioFreak intends to make your Sunday a little hotter! Here are 7 latest Anushka Shetty hot pics to turn up that heat…

#1 How’s The 1st of Anushka’s Hot Pics?

Boom! I know she rocked your world…

anushka hot pics
Credits: Facebook

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#2 Anushka Shetty Looks As Sexy in Saree As Sunny in A Bikini!

What a bomb! Anushka Shetty’s saree look is the best. Won’t you agree?

anushka shetty saree
Credits: Instagram

#3 Dancing Hottie!

Here’s an Anushka Shetty image from the sets of her latest movie…

anushka shetty
Credits: Instagram

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#4 Spot The Hotness?

Anushka Shetty in Bahubali was as hot as ever! Here’s a photo from her Bahubali look…

anushka shetty in bahubali
Credits: Instagram

#5 And It Was All Yellow…

Download this Anushka Shetty hot image! Sunday’s wallpaper? *WINK*

anushka shetty hot images
Credits: Instagram

#6 Sexiness in Her Look! Sexiness In Her Saree!

Want a sexy image of Anushka Shetty? Here you go…

anushka shetty sexy photos
Credits: Instagram

#7 Save The Best For The Last…

Here’s 2017’s latest Anushka Shetty hot pic…

latest anushka shetty photo
Credits: Instagram

Not satisfied yet? Need not worry! We have top 10 Anushka Shetty hot pics of all time waiting for you.

shilpa shinde wiki

Good Morning Peeps! Today, SocioFreak Bigg Boss 11 category presents Shilpa Shinde wiki! Who is Shilpa Shinde? What are Shilpa Shinde’s controversies? Is she married? Who is Shilpa Shinde’s husband? Need not worry. I have answers for all your questions about Shilpa Shinde’s wiki. Predominantly a Telugu actress, Shinde’s debut in Bigg Boss 11 raised quite a few eyebrows. The controversies surrounding the titillating actress are no short of that of Poonam Pandey! Known to have played the most erotic of roles of Telugu cinema, Shinde, no doubt, brings to Bigg Boss a huge pre-existing fan base. Playing the so-called “Bhabi” role in Telugu cinema is a dicey move for any actress to make s far as reputation goes. Shinde, however, does not succumb to the orthodox way of B-Town! Shinde is almost a pundit in playing bold, sexy, titillating and erotic roles in cinema. In 2017, Shilpa’s item song from Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi went viral on social media. Naturally, “Shilpa Shinde MMS” is always a breakout search in Google! Without wasting a second more, here’s Shilpa Shinde’s wiki and the latest news from Bigg Boss 11!

Disclaimer: Do NOT forget to check out Shilpa Shinde Hot Pics!

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More than 17 years in T-Town?!

Born on 28 August 1977, Shilpa Shinde’s age is 40. Shilpa started her career as an actress in the year 1999. She has acted in almost 20 television and reality shows of Tollywood. She is popularly known as the Angoori Bhabhi in the TV show, Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai. She has also acted in shows such as Meher, Miss India, Do Dil Ek Jaan, etc. Here is a list of her works in Tollywood! Have a look…

Year                                    Shows                                               Character
2001-03               Kabhi Aaye Na Judaai
2002-03               Sanjeevani                                                        Chitra
2000-02               Meher Mehar
2002                    Miss India                                                         Sanjana Gujral
                            Hari Mirchi Lal Mirchi
                            Amrapali                                                          Aamrapali
2004-08               Bhabhi                                                              Manju
2004                    Hatim Shakila
2006-07               Betiyaan Apni Yaa Paraaya Dhan                   Veera
2008-2009           Waaris                                                              Gayatri
2007-09               Maayka Soni Khurana
2011-14               Chidiya Ghar                                                   Koyal Ghotak Narayan
2013-14               Do Dil Ek Jaan                                                 Daya Maayi
2013-14               Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev Mahananda
2013-14               Lapataganj                                                        Ms. Mary
2015-16               Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai!                                   Angoori Bhabhi
2017                    Bigg Boss 11                                                     Celebrity Contestant

Shilpa Shinde in Bigg Boss 11!

When I first saw the Bigg Boss 11 list, Shilpa’s name struck me the most. Shilpa is a graduate in psychology. She has lived her formative years in Mumbai. Expressing herself through dance and drama, Shinde gained local popularity in Mumbai’s famous cultural festivals. She had decided long back that she would end up doing something or the other in the entertainment field. Here she is now! However, the path to success wasn’t a cakewalk for Shilpa. The hardest part of becoming an actress, for Shilpa, was convincing her parents. A Hindu family,  an advocate as a father, and an orthodox culture marked as hurdles for Shilpa’s path to glory. She, however, managed to overcome all of them and prove to be one of the most admired Telugu actresses of all times! Hr performance in Bigg Boss 11 is all we are waiting for!

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Is Shilpa Shinde Married?

Unfortunately, Shilpa does not have a solid love life. Once upon a time, Shilpa Shinde and Romit Raj were inseparable as salt from seawater. The duo was definitely the most admired couples of Tollywood. They were set to get married in September of 2009. However, two days before the wedding, Shilpa called off the marriage. A close source was reported saying, “Shilpa felt that Romit could not be the adjusting husband and that she would not get the space she requires after marriage. Shilpa ultimately discussed her problems with Romit, but things got worse when she felt that Romit insulted her family and did not give them any priority. All this resulted in Shilpa calling off the marriage“. After that, Shilpa Shinde’s boyfriends never came out. Here’s a photo of Romit Raj, Shilpa Shinde’s boyfriend once upon a time…

romit raj
Credits: Instagram

What’s with Shilpa Shinde’s MMS?

Shilpa Shinde’s controversies are a part of her life. Known as “Bhabi” of Telugu cinema, Shinde has always been in the spotlight of the media gauntlet. Shilpa Shinde’s mms have record-breaking searches every day.  Shilpa Shinde’s leaked mms are in fact the scenes from her TV shows. The erotic appearance, dramatically sexual scenes have gained the Angoori Bhabi a name for herself in Tollywood! Shilpa Shinde’s hot pics are not missed by any eye! Be it Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, Shilpa Shinde’s hot pics are everywhere! Check out the top 4 Sexiest Shilpa Shinde hot pics below…

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Let’s Come to Shilpa Shinde Hot Pics, Shall We?

So, here are 4 hand-picked sexy and bold Shilpa Shinde hot pics from Shilpa Shinde MMS!

#1 Bigg Boss 11 Contestant, Shilpa Shinde for You…

Most beautiful…

shilpa shinde bigg boss 11
Credits: Instagram

#2 That Look!

shilpa shinde
Credits: Instagram

#3 Hotness Overload!

Here’s Shilpa Shinde’s hot pic for you! The best of all…

shilpa shinde hot
Credits: Instagram

#4 Desi v/s Modern

shilpa shinde mms
Credits: Instagram

All Is Well That End’s Ok! Here’s a Surprise…

Shilpa Shinde’s item song from the movie Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi is as good as a Shilpa Shinde mms, am I right? Check it out…

Hope you enjoyed Shilpa Shinde wiki! Stay tuned to SF for Bigg Boss 11 updates!

jabardasth naresh wiki

ETV’s Jabardasth, produced by Mallemala TV, is one of the most popular shows of Andra Pradesh. Jabardasth is all about hilarious comedy, skits and plays, drama and dance, and entertaining humor. If you have ever watched the show, you will notice a small kid performing most of the comedy skits. That is none other than child artist Naresh! Popularly known as Jabardasth Naresh, he is one of the hit comedians of the South. Who is Jabardasth Naresh? What is Jabardasth Naresh’s real age? Does he have a family? Who is Jabardasth Naresh’s wife? and why is he so popular? If you have all these questions in your mind, you have knocked the right door. Today, SocioFreak brings to you Jabardasth Naresh wiki and latest news about the child artist! Have a look…

Jabardasth Naresh’s age is 17!

Jabardasth Naresh’s real name is Potti Ramesh. Born in 2000, Jabardasth Naresh’s age is 17! Comes out as a shocker? It is apparent. Naresh is suffering from a physical complexity that has restricted his growth. Though he looks little older than a toddler, Jabardasth Naresh’s real age is 17. In an interview, his co-worker Bhaskar talked intensively about the little champ. He was quoted saying that Naresh has always been the lead performer of the show. Despite his physical suffering, he has always been the most hardworking artist on the set. He has been on the show since past 2 years. Truly, Jabardasth Naresh is an inspiration for all!

Jabardasth Naresh’s Was Once Married!

Potti Ramesh married Tripurambika, a 22-year-old girl in December of 2015. However, in the most unfortunate and shocking event,  Jabardasth Naresh’s wife committed suicide the same year. Potti was in Hyderabad for a shoot when he received a call from local police in Visakhapatnam informing him about his wife’s death. When Naresh was questioned about the same, he told the officials that the duo had absolutely no fights. However, Tripurambika’s mother blamed Jabardasth Naresh’s family for her daughter’s death. Here’s a rare photo of Jabardasth Naresh’s wife:

Potti Ramesh wife
Credits: Instagram

Time for 2 Rare Jabardasth Naresh Photos!


jabardasth naresh photos
Credits: Instagram


Jabardasth Naresh
Credits: Instagram

Hope you enjoyed Potti Ramesh aka Jabardasth Naresh biography! Stay tuned to SF for the latest news about Jabardasth Naresh’s shows!


benafsha soonawalla wiki

Benafsha Soonawalla is today’s addition to SocioFreak’s Bigg Boss 11 category. Soonawalla is known to be the most sensual contestant of Bigg Boss 11. She is not a new face for us. Benafsha Soonawalla’s roadies performance had gained her a lot of popularity back then. Most of us know her as the VJ for the channel, MTV. Coming to Bigg Boss 11 with an existing fan base is what makes Soonawalla capable of winning Bigg Boss 11! We can not classify Soonawalla as a model or an actress or a business management professional because she is all of those! Benafsha Soonawalla’s wiki will make you think of her as a wonder woman! An iron lady! So without wasting a second more, check out Benafsha Soonawalla wiki along with Benafsha Soonawalla hot pics!

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Disclaimer: Do NOT forget to check out Benafsha Soonawalla hot pics!

The Goan Beauty!

Born in 1995,  Benafsha Soonawalla’s age is 22 as of 2017. Soonawalla hails from Goa, India, where she completed her education in Business Management. She is a graduate of Business Management from the prestigious institute, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Goa! It was back then when she realized that she was a connoisseur of acting and drama. She soon became one of the most popular models of her university. She entered drama by participating in college theatre and soon became a prolific artist! Back in Goa, Benafsha Soonawalla wiki is the talk of the town! Her play, Tirangi Tehmul is still admired by many.

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Benafsha Soonawalla’s Roadies Debut!

Benn got her break when she contested for MTV Roadies Season 13 in 2016. Back then she was one of the hottest models on the sets of Roadies. Her bold pictures and her glamorous attitude gained her a lot of popularity. Soonawalla used the Roadies platform to connect with her large fan base. She soon became the VJ for MTV! She later went on to do MTV Roadies X4. She has also hosted MTV Campus Diaries. The rest is history!

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Who is Benafsha Soonawalla’s Boyfriend?

Benafsha Soonawalla’s boyfriend is her co-star from MTV Roadies, Varun Sood! Shocked? The couple has been in a relationship since past two years and is often seen posting photos on Instagram. Here is a photo of Benafsha Soonawalla and Varun Sood for you:

benafsha soonawalla and varun sood
Credits: Instagram

Benafsha Soonawalla’s Bigg Boss 11 Debut!

Benafsha Soonawalla’s Bigg Boss 11 performance is all we are hoping to see! She is no doubt one of the most sensuous participants of Bigg Boss. When the Bigg Boss 11 Contestant list came out, Benafsha Soonawalla’s hot pics went viral on Social Media! Benafsha Soonawalla’s Instagram is flooded with some bold and titillating hot photos of Benafsha Soonawalla’s bikini photoshoots! Without a gap of a second more, continue to 5 Sexiest Benafsha Soonawalla Hot Pics!

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5 Sexiest Benafsha Soonawalla Hot Pics!

Benafsha Soonawalla’s Instagram has almost 150k followers! The 22year old VJ cum model cum Bigg Boss 11 contestant is doing pretty well for herself, isn’t she? Here are 5 Benafsha Soonawalla hot pics to turn up the heat!

#1 What Better Way to Start Than With Benafsha Soonawalla’s Bikini Pic?

benafsha soonawalla bikini
Credits: Instagram

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#2 Sensuous AF!

Here’s Benafsha Soonawalla’s Instagram photo that will make you numb over her physique!

benafsha soonawalla instagram
Credits: Instagram

#3 Bold Babe!

benafsha soonawalla naked
Credits: Instagram

#4 Twinning In The Sunshine!

Here’s Benafsha Soonawalla basking in the sun!

benafsha soonawalla
Credits: Instagram

#5 Best At Last!

You have got you hot Benafsha Soonawalla HD wallpaper!

benafsha soonawalla hot hd wallpaper
Credits: Instagram

Hope you enjoyed Benafsha Soonawalla wiki and hot pics! Stay tuned to SF for more spicy photos of Benafsha Soonawalla and other hot Bigg Boss 11 contestants!


anamika majumdar wiki

Today is a day of celebration for all the Indian women out there and SocioFreak wants to be a part of it! Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) season 9 witnessed its first millionaire and you guessed it right, it is a woman! Anamika Majumdar’s KBC performance has been one hell of a thrill to watch! It was a proud moment indeed when in today’s KBC 9 episode 26, Amitabh Bachchan felicitated Anamika Majumdar with a cheque worth ₹1 crore!

Who is Anamika Majumdar? Where is she from? What is Anamika Majumdar’s age? What was Anamika Majumdar’s 1 crore question? If you missed the last night’s episode of KBC, need not worry! SocioFreak has for you, Anamika Majumdar’s wiki, net worth, family, and unheard facts about Anamika Majumdar’s KBC performance!

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A Bright Mind From Jamshedpur!

Anamika hails from Jamshedpur, India. She is known to be a vivid social worker. The KBC 9 winner is 41 years old. She has a family of four; Anamika’s husband, Satyaprit Majumdar and her two children, son Arnab and daughter Prerna. She lives in a small apartment in New Bairdari, situated at Sakchi, Jamshedpur with her family and parents. Her mother, Sabita Basu was seen crying with joy on her daughter’s success. Her entire family was present to watch Anamika Majumdar’s KBC performance. What a proud moment for all of them!

Faith In India…

Back in Jamshedpur, Anamika runs an NGO named “Faith in India”. Faith in India is a non-profit organization which helps in the development of the rural areas in and around Jamshedpur. Known for her social development activities, many people from the rural areas of India respect her. When asked by Mr. Bachchan about her reason to contest in Kaun Banega Crorepati, she simply answered, “I want to see India develop. I will use the money to build a bigger foundation for my NGO. I have no personal gains. My NGO was the only reason I ever contested in KBC. I want to help develop the rural areas in Jamshedpur.

anamika majumdar kbc
Credits: Instagram

Anamika Majumdar’s 1 Crore Question!

Anamika is the closest anyone has got to the 1 crore mark in KBC 9. Before Anamika, Brijesh Chaudhary reached 50 lakh and decided to stop. Her performance in KBC has been a journey filled with hope and thrill. On Tuesday night, Anamika managed to become the first crorepati of KBC 9. She even qualified for the ₹7 crore question but decided to put a raincheck on it. Smart move, huh? After selecting the right answer for the 1 crore question, Anamika decided that it was too risky to continue. However, the thing that bugs me to the core is that she even knew the answer to the 7 crore question! What is she, a computer?

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When Amitabh asked Anamika Majumdar the 1 crore question, “Which of the following pairs is not a parent and child, who have both won Nobel Prize?“, she looked rather ambivalent. However, after sparing a few more minutes on the question, her smile said it all! She was confident about her answer. She promptly selected the correct answer: Hermann Emil Fischer and Hans Fischer. There were flares of claps and laughter among the crowd and Bachchan quickly hugged her! Anamika Majumdar’s husband and children rose up and started pouring tears of joy for their iron lady. A moment to watch!

SocioFreak congratulates Anamika for her splendid performance in KBC 9! She has become an inspiration for all the Indian women out there who think less of themselves. A proud moment for India indeed! Jai Hind!

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Hope you liked Anamika Majumdar’s wiki! Stay tuned to SocioFreak for the latest news about KBS 9! Have a good day…


aditi mittal hot pics

There is no introduction needed for Aditi Mittal. Mittal is one of the finest female standup comedians the world has seen! Not just that, Aditi is also a vivid actress and a prolific writer! She is fluent in English, Hindi, French, and Spanish! And above all, she is extremely hot! Her beauty resides in her confidence on stage. If you ever happen to stumble across Aditi, you will realize that her charisma lies in the way she talks, the way she moves and the way she speaks! She has an original dressing sense. She has an original speaking manner. She has an original posture. She is original! The originality that Mittal has is the reason she enjoys such a vast fanbase!

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Today, I bring to you one of the sexiest Aditi Mittal hot pics that will leave you choked for breath! Check them out, and I guarantee that you will have a wide smile by the end of it:

#1 Laughter Is The Sexiest Outfit!

Aditi is a resplendent comedian! Her laughter is her elegance. Aditi Mittal’s hot photos are a mark of laughter.

aditi mittal hot photos
Credits: Instagram

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#2 I Won!

aditi mittal hot
Credits: Instagram

#3 Photo Worth a Wallpaper!

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Trust me! Keep this Aditi Mittal HD wallpaper as your home screen and never forget to laugh!

aditi mittal hd wallpapers
Credits: Instagram

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#4 Live with Aditi Mittal’s Comedy!

aditi mittal sexy images
Credits: Instagram

#5 Connoisseur of Laughter!

Here’s another Aditi Mittal hot wallpaper for you…

aditi mittal wallpaper
Credits: Instagram

#6 SWAG Mera DESI Hai!

Aditi Mittal looking rather sexy! Right?

aditi mittal sexy
Credits: Instagram

#7 Live The Dream!

Blue hair, shaggy dress! She wears it like a lady!

aditi mittal sexy hd image
Credits: Instagram

#8 Main B*** Out of Your League! Side B*** Out Of Your League!

aditi mittal hd image
Credits: Instagram

#9 Pure Self Confidence!

Aditi Mittal’s bikini photos do not exist! Aditi Mittal’s swimsuit photos do not exist! All that exists is her amazing elegance! That’s all the beauty there is in this world…

aditi mittal bikini
Credits: Instagram

#10 Aditi Mittal is Your Best Mest Medicine!

aditi mittal
Credits: Instagram

Hope you loved Aditi Mittal hot pics! Stay tuned to SF for the latest news on Aditi Mittal!

Arshi Khan wiki

Here’s another superb addition to SocioFreak’s Bigg Boss 11 contestants! It is none other than Arshi Khan! “Arshi Khan hot” is one of the most searched terms on the internet the past day and you will know why soon! Khan is an Afghanistan originated Indian model, a movie star and most importantly the sexiest Bigg Boss 11 contestant! Her titillating hot pics are the buzz of the B-Town and fans are going nuts about Arshi Khan in Bigg Boss 11! Arshi Khan’s Bigg Boss debut is all we are waiting for! For now, SocioFreak brings to you Arshi Khan wiki, bio and the latest news from Bigg Boss 11!

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Disclaimer: Do NOT forget to check out Arshi Khan Hot Pics!

Afghan Jalebi Mashooq Farebi!

Khan originates from Afganistan. She moved to India when she was 4. Born in the year 1989, Arshi Khan’s age is 28 as of 2017. Known for her glorious looks and resplendent outlook, Arshi is one of finest contestants Bigg Boss has seen. She is known to have a career in modeling, dancing and acting. She is mostly seen in Tollywood. In her initial years in India, Arshi lived in Bhopal. She completed her schooling and moved to Mumbai.

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Cricketer Shahid Afridi’s Girlfriend?

That’s right! Khan is said to be dating the infamous Pakistani cricketer, Shahid Afridi! But her relationship with him seems rather ambiguous. Media reports said that Arshi completely denied any connection what so ever with cricketer Afridi. However, recently the duo was spotted in Dubai enjoying a private vacation. When asked about the same, Khan replied, “I go to Dubai many times. I have many relatives over there. I am not seeing anyone“. In another shocking turnaround, Arhsi tweeted that she was dating Shahid a couple of months back. Well now, that’s there! Is Shahid Afridi Arshi Khan’s boyfriend? Time will tell! Here’s a photo of Arshi Khan and Shahid Afridi:

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arshi khan and shahid afridi
Credits: Instagram

Entry to Cinema!

Arshi Khan’s movies are based in Tollywood. Her latest film, The Last Emperor witnessed Arshi in a rather titillating role! Arshi Khan’s hot physique and her bold attitude have led her to make a mark in Bollywood too and I am rather excited to watch her debut movie. How did an ingenuous girl from Bhopal manage to get in the final list of Bigg Boss 11 contestants? When Khan moved to Mumbai, she was introduced to the famous director cum producer, Janab Ehsaan Chishti. It paved her path into modeling, dancing, and acting!

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Top 8 Arshi Khan Hot Pics!

And the moment is here! I present to you 8 of the sexiest Arshi Khan hot pics you will find on the internet! Arshi Khan’s Instagram is filled with some badass titillating photos. Here are a few of them:


arshi khan hot
Credits: Instagram


arshi khan hot image
Credits: Instagram


arshi khan hot pics
Credits: Instagram

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arshi khan bikini
Credits: Instagram


arshi khan instagram
Credits: Instagram


arshi khan sexy photo
Credits: Instagram


arshi khan bigg boss
Credits: Instagram


arshi khan nude
Credits: Instagram

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Sapna Choudhary wiki

Tonight I introduce you guys to one hell of a lady! Sapna Choudhary is a dancer! Sapna Choudhary is a singer! Most importantly, Sapna Choudhary is one of the best contestants of Bigg Boss 11! Hit songs such as Solid Body and Gora Gora have made the rising queen of Haryana one of the most famous personalities of Bigg Boss 11. Not only singing, Sapna is famous as a prolific dancer in her hometown, Haryana. Bigg Boss 11, which aired tonight came with numerous such rising stars. Sapna just seems to be a promising winner of Bigg Boss 11!

Who is Sapna Choudhary? Where is she from? What is Sapna Choudhary’s age? What are Sapna Choudhary’s songs? Are there any of her dance videos out there? Need not hassle all over the internet to find the answers to the above questions. SocioFreak brings to you all the information about the latest news on Bigg Boss 11 contestants and more in its Bigg Boss 11 category! Without waiting for a second more, check out Sapna Choudhary wiki and hot pics!

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Kudi Haryana Di!

Sapna is from Rohtak, Haryana. Born on 25th September 1990, Sapna Choudhary’s age is 27 years. Haryana has given Bigg Boss some splendid contestants over the years but Sapna is something else. Known to be one of the most popular dancers of Haryana, she has a huge fanbase out there. Not only dancing, if you ask a man on the streets of Haryana who is Sapna Choudhary, you will be flabbergasted by the response: “Sapna Choudhary singer!” or “Sapna Choudhary dancer!” is what most of them will say. She has more than 10 unique songs to hold her fame and some super duper hot dance videos! We will get to that soon…

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Sapna Choudhary’s songs? Here is a Complete List!

Her songs are somewhat funky with a little spice! I spent the entire evening listening to them all and I’m amazed af! Here is a complete list of Sapna Choudhary’s songs:

  1. Solid Body
  2. Gora Gora
  3. Sara Rola Pathli Kamar Ka
  4. Bahu Zamindar ki
  5. Rate Vade Ge
  6. Kahrboje Si Teri Jawani
  7. Dathe Marna

Here is my favorite Sapna Choudhary song:

What’s so Special about Sapna Choudhary Dancer? Here is what!

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Sapna Choudhary is one of the most resplendent contestants Biggg Boss has ever witnessed! The Panjabi energy and the gorgeous looks are the primary reasons why her dance videos are so popular in Punjab, Haryana, and UP. Admiration is poured all over Sapna wherever she goes and so naturally, fans are going nuts about Bigg Boss 11. Sapna Choudhary’s dance videos have been rapidly shared on WhatsApp groups and social media since her name popped up as a Bigg Boss 11 contestant. Sapna Choudhary’s Bigg Boss 11 debut is all we are waiting to see. Check out her dance video of Boota Singh right below:

Hot Pics? Here You Go…

Sapna Choudhary’s titillating hot pics are all the buzz tonight and Bigg Boss fans are going nuts about the Kudi Haryana Di! Here are some sexy Sapna Choudhary hot pics waiting for you!

#1 A Smile For Salman!

sapna choudhary bigg boss
Credits: Instagram

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#2 Garrulous as Ever!

sapna choudhary hot
Credits: Instagram

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#3 Elegance in Her Stance!

sapna choudhary dance pics
Credits: Instagram

Latest news about Sapna Choudhary in Bigg Boss 11 is all I will be covering this season! Stay tuned…

Tom Alter wiki

Hours before, the remorseful news of the Indian-American actor, Tom Alter’s death came in. Waking up shocked and saddened, I had to write Tom Alter actor wiki! Alter was diagnosed with fourth stage cancer in September 2017. The Padma Shri recipient was 67 years old at the time of his death. Tom Alter’s son released the statement of his father’s death quoting, “It is with sadness we announce the death of our beloved Tom Alter, actor, writer, director, Padma Shri, and most importantly our loving father!” Earlier this month, Tom Alter’s son, Jamie Alter had expressed his father’s desire to battle cancer come what may. But cancer takes over the best of us…

Check out below, Tom Alter’s wiki and Tom Alter’s latest news about his death!

How did Tom Alter’s family come to settle in India?

The Alter family migrated to India in 1916. You are guessing how Tom Alter could have been alive in 1916 right? It was actually Tom’s grandparents who came to India from Ohio, United States, in 1916. Tom was born on 22nd June 1950. After the partition, Alter’s parents moved to India and settled in Rajpur, Uttar Pradesh, a small town located between Dehradun and Mussoorie in 1954.

The Blue-Eyed Saheb with impeccable Hindi!

Quite often Tom is referred to as the Blue-eyed saheb with impeccable Hindi! Tom, having lived in India his whole life has features of an American but is desi to the core! He speaks impeccable Hindi and Urdu! Alter is, in fact, fond of Urdu Shayari!

The Movie, Aradhana changed Tom’s Life Forever!

The 1969 film, Aradhana was a blockbuster indeed. It was an inspiration for most of the actors of that era. Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore’s acting streamlined a career path for Tom who decided to enter Bollywood! First, he needed a degree to pursue his career. He subsequently joined the Film and Television Institute of India in Pune, where he studied acting from 1972 to 1974. In an interview in 2009, Alter said, “I still dream of being Rajesh Khanna. For me, in the early 1970s, he was the only hero, romantic to the core, not larger than life, so Indian and real, he was my hero: the reason I came into films and he still is“. In another interview, he said, “There was something very warm about Jagadhri. I remained a teacher there until the day I watched Rajesh Khanna romance Sharmila in Aradhana. That was the beginning of my addiction to cinema“.

Battle Against Cancer!

Tom Alter was diagnosed with fourth stage cancer in September 2017. He was admitted to Mumbai’s Saifee Hospital. His condition was known as squamous cell carcinoma. Tom Alter’s son, Jaime had said that his father was willing to battle cancer. The remorseful demise of such an inspirational figure of Bollywood cinema has shocked and saddened the world! The entire team at SocioFreak extends condolences to Tom Alter’s family, his wife, and son! May his soul rest in peace!

Arun Gawli wiki

I’m sure all of you have your Friday night planned in advance. What else could you be doing apart from watching Daddy? That’s right! Ashim Ahluwalia’s Daddy releases today with none other than Arjun Rampal in and as Daddy! The trailer and teaser of Daddy were gripping af! With Arjun Rampal’s desperado look and a series of action scenes, the movie is sure to be in my personal “Top 10 Movies of 2017” list! In any case, later today I would be writing on Daddy’s review. Stay tuned to SocioFreak to find out how the movie did at the box office. For now, many of you have been wondering who Arun Gawli is? Who is Daddy? Why is he considered one of the most feared gangsters of all time? Who is Arun Gawli’s son? Get all your answers in one place: SocioFreak’s Arun Gawli wiki! Following are #5 facts of Daddy wiki that will raise the hair on your spine!

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#1 The Daddy of Underworld!

Arun Gulab Gawli entered the underworld in the late 70’s when he joined the Byculla Company run by the feared gangsters Rama Naik and Babu Reshim! At that time, Byculla Company was a strong supporter of Dawood’s D-Company and carried out its criminal activities in areas of  Parel, Chinchpokli, Byculla and Cotton Green. Samad Khan, the leader of the Pathan gang in Mumbai and Dawood’s cutthroat at that time was killed by the BRA (Babu-Rama-Arun) gang in 1984. However, after an argument with Dawood’s right-hand, Sharad Shetty over a land deal in Jogeshwari, Naik demanded Dawood’s support which he refused and took Shetty’s side instead. This enraged Naik. The fallout between Dawood Ibrahim and Rama Naik led to the death of the latter. Though Naik was killed in a police encounter in 1988, Gawli believed Dawood’s hand to be behind the killing. The control of the Byculla Company was naturally passed on to Arun Gawli which led to the massive gang wars between the two.

#2 The Fortress of Dagdi Chawl!

Daddy’s wiki is all about the events that happened in Mumbai during his reign as the leader of the Byculla Company with its headquarters as Dagdi Chawl! With a massive support of the community living in the Chawl, Daddy became the Don of Mumbai! Some say, even the police could not do anything to him inside the Chawl. In most of the cases against Arun Gawli, the witnesses of Dagdi Chawl refused to issue any statement against him calling him the “Daddy” of Dagdi Chawl. They believed him to be their bulwark. The support of the Chawl was the primary reason why Gawli entered politics this easily! Even today, Daddy is highly respected in the Chawl. Arun Gawli’s son, Mahesh Gawli now controls the operations in the Dagdi Chawl.

Arun Gawli
Credits: Instagram

#3 The Vengence That Changed The Mumbai Underworld

The murder of Arun Gawli’s brother, Bappa Gawli by the members of Dawood’s gang changed the underworld scenario! Daddy engaged himself in one of the most deadly gang wars of all time! As vengeance, Daddy killed Dawood’s brother in law, Ibrahim Parkar in the 1990’s. Many other members of Dawood’s gang were brutally killed. Sitting in the Dagdi Chawl, Gawli had become indomitable! Many of the member’s of the D-Company like Sharad Shetty, Chhota Rajan, Chhota Shakeel and Sunil Sawant a.k.a Sautya had no option but to flee Mumbai forever. Arun Gawli took control of Mumbai from Dawood who had no option but to give up!

#4 Balasaheb Thakrey’s Support…

Arun Gawil enjoyed the support of Shiv Sena leader, Bal Thakrey. Known to be a “remote control” of the politics in Mumbai, Thakrey was all Gawli needed to enter politics to safeguard his future. Thakrey had openly referred to Gawli and Sai Bansod as “Amchi Muley” or Our Boys! Thakrey openly accused the Mumbai police of conspiring with the Muslim gangsters to take unaccounted action against the Hindu gangs of that time. With the help of Thakrey, Gawli entered politics. However, in late 90’s Gawli fell out of the shadow of Shiv Sena and formed his own political party, Akhil Bharatiya Sena. In 2004, Gawli was elected as a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) from the Mumbai Chinchpokli constituency. The killing of Shiv Sena MLA Ramesh More, Balasaheb Thackeray’s confidante Jayant Jadhav and minority commission chief and MLA Ziauddin Bukhari came out as a shock for everybody! Gawli’s idea of a gang incorporated in his party which safeguarded him against the law. This was the biggest mistake of Daddy! The killing of another Shiv Sena chief, Kamlakar Jamsandekar, in 2008 was the final blow for the dreaded gangster. He was sentenced to a life imprisonment in Nagpur Central Jail.

#5 When Arjun Rampal Met Daddy!

Daddy was born in Kopargaon, Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra and later entered Mumbai to work in the textile mills near Byculla. Arun Gawli’s wife, Asha Gawli was an MLA. He has two children, a daughter, and a son. Arun Gawli’s daughter, Geeta is first term ABS Corporator in the Chinchpokli assembly constituency. His son, Mahesh runs the operations of Akhil Bharatiya Sena. Mahesh Gawli got married in 2015 for which Daddy got a 15-day parole. Arun Gawli’s family stays in Dagdi Chawl itself and lead a humble lifestyle. During the shooting of the movie Daddy, Arjun Rampal the lead role in and as Daddy met the real Arun Gawli. Find out what he had to say about the mafia…

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moin qureshi wiki

This week has been horrendous for those indulging in criminal practices. The arrest of Baba Ram Rahim Singh and the Right to Privacy Act passed by the Indian Judiciary were the highlights of this weeks news. However, the week isn’t over yet! The arrest of Moin Qureshi by the Enforcement Directorate is yet another statement that proves that the Judiciary of India is becoming stricter day by day. According to CBI, Moin Qureshi’s meat export business had turned into a Money Laundering scheme. The arrest of Moin Qureshi was a matter of pride for the BJP. Why? Who is Moin Qureshi? What is Moin Qureshi’s meat business? Who is Moin Qureshi’s daughter? If you have stumbled upon all such questions and are seeking Moin Qureshi’s news, you have come to the right place. Here are facts from Moin Qureshi’s wiki that will blow your mind! Check them out…

From Being a Chicken to Becoming a Butcher, Here’s Moin Qureshi’s Wiki:

Moin Akhtar Qureshi started out as a hard working butcher in a slaughter house near Rampur, Uttar Pradesh in 1993. Today he is known to be the biggest meat exporter in India. His company is established by the name of AMQ Agro. How did a small time slaughter house turn into such a huge company? This is the question that raised the eyebrows of the CBI. Qureshi is said to be one of the biggest tax invaders of the country in the past 2 decades. With hundreds of controversies circling him, Moin always managed to slip from the crosshairs of the Judiciary. Establishing more than 25 companies in various sectors, he had a control over the then UPA Government. Moin Qureshi’s house is still in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh. With connections all over Uttar Pradesh, he is said to be one of the most dominating businessmen of Uttar Pradesh. His business is no more restricted to meat export. Be it construction or be it the fashion industry, Qureshi has captivated them all! Moin Qureshi’s daughter, Pernia Qureshi is a fashion entrepreneur and actress! She has been a stylist at Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Conde Nast in New York as well as New Delhi. She has also been an established costume designer for many Bollywood stars. She was the lead costume designer for the movie, Aisha! Moin Qureshi’s wife, Nasreen Qureshi is from Pakistan.

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Why Was Moin Qureshi Arrested?

Qureshi became a businessman after establishing his slaughter house in Rampur, UP. There was no stopping Qureshi! He rose to become the most acclaimed meat exporters UP had ever seen! With more than 25 companies, all over India in different sectors, he became one of the richest men in UP. His rise to such supremacy was a question of suspicion for the Indian Government. At that time, the UPA was in power. Moin is said to have had a lot of connections in the UPA Government. Qureshi’s daughter Pernia was married to London-based chartered accountant Ajith Prasad’s son Arjun, a close relative of Union minister of state Jitin Prasada. He is said to have had very good ties with the director of the CBI, Ranjit Sinha too. According to reports that were submitted to the IT department, Moin Qureshi’s wife and himself visited Sinha’s house around 70 times in 15 months.  In February 2011, during his daughter’s marriage in Pakistan, the singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan who was a guest of Qureshi, was arrested at the airport for carrying US dollars amounting to Rs 56 lakh in cash! Khan was alleged of taking his fee in cash. At that time, BJP claimed that Qureshi was indulged in illegal activities and that his money was being laundered. They had also demanded a full CBI probe of Moin Qureshi’s house. However, their hands remained tied. It became a matter of envy for the BJP. When Prime Minister, Narendra Modi won the election, he initialized a full strength income tax query against Qureshi. The CBI started its inquiry in mid of February 2014. After conducting a series of raids, the IT department confirmed that Qureshi’s undisclosed wealth was around 150 crores! Qureshi was finally arrested at Delhi International Airport earlier today. He was charged under the Money LAundering Act and will be appearing in court today!

Everything About Moin Qureshi’s House and His Extravagant Lifestyle!

Qureshi is known for his extraordinary lifestyle! He first came into limelight when his farmhouse featured on the cover of leading design magazine, Elle Decor. The house is located at Delhi’s Chhattarpur and is designed by famous French architect Jean-Louis Deniot. Qureshi is said to own 15 such properties according to the IT! Qureshi’s wife was quoted saying, “I just liked him(Deniot), but my husband was very upset”. He said, “What kind of house can a French guy make?”.

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Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh wiki

With the conviction of Dera Sacha Sauda chief, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, Panchkula in Haryana is facing massive riots.  As per reports received by SocioFreak, 11 are feared to be dead and over 200 injured. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, a.k.a Rockstar Baba was convicted of rape by the Haryana court earlier today. A large group of followers has staged violent riots outside the court since then and the country is in shambles. The Dera Sacha Sauda chief has been the highlight of controversies in India since many days. With a stupendous lifestyle and unusual ethics, Ram Rahim Singh has been criticized by many. Who is this Baba who has started riots in Haryana? What is Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh’s age? Why is he called Rockstar Baba? What are his songs? Did Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh rape someone? What is his net worth? Does the Dera Sacha Sauda chief have any family? All these questions remained unanswered for quite a long time. Not anymore! SocioFreak has brought to you the exclusive Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh wiki and news that is sure to blow up your mind! Check it out:

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh’s Family & Age

Born to Naseeb Kaur and Maghar Singh on 15 August 1967, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh’s age is 50. He is from Sri Gurusar Modia village in Ganganagar district of Rajasthan. Ram Rahim is married to Harjeet Kaur and the duo has four children.I wonder what Ram Rahim Singh’s wife had to say about the rape charges against her spouse. For some odd reason, all children use Insan as their last name. The daughter of Harminder Singh Jassi is married to Ram Rahim Singh’s eldest son Jasmeet. For those who don not know who Harminder Singh is, he is Congress leader having a substantial influence in Punjab. People believe this to be the reason for Ram Rahim’s controversies being overlooked now and then. Not anymore, I guess. One more interesting fact about Gurmeet’s children is that he has an adopted daughter. Honeypreet Insan is a movie actress and director based in Punjab.

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The Head of Dera Sacha Sauda!

What exactly is DSS? Dera Sacha Sauda is a self-proclaimed spiritual organization based out in Sirsa, Haryana. Ram Rahim Singh became the chief of DSS in September 1990.

What’s With The Z+ Security This Man Enjoys?

Yes, you read it right! The Rockstar Baba enjoys a Z+ security due to his political influence in Malwa region of Punjab. You wonder how the most criticized Baba has managed not to be in the scrutiny of the law? Well, I can guess. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh was a major donator and contributor to the previous Congress Government, earning him some substantial political influence. Moreover, his son is married to a Congree leader’s daughter.  Not just Congress, Ram Rahim’s Dera Sacha Sauda supported the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in 2014 Haryana polls. In February 2015, his organization openly supported BJP in Delhi elections, saying that he has over 20 Lakh followers in Delhi. The DSS supported BJP in the Bihar assembly election in 2015, and nearly 3000 Dera followers campaigned for BJP in the state.

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So Many Controversies and Allegations…Rape is Just a Droplet in A Bucket!

Hand to God, the Rockstar Baba is the most controversial man India! Right from 2002, Singh has multiple allegations of rape and murder. He is accused of murdering a journalist named Ram Chander Chhatrapati who had written defamatory articles about the DSS. In 2002, a lady follower approached the then Prime Minister of India, Atal Vajpayee. Her claims mentioned Ram Rahim Singh’s rape allegations to be true. The same year a CBI probe was carried out. However, nothing was proven. The court has also levied charges of murdering Dera Sacha Sauda manager Ranjit Singh on Gurmeet Singh. After long years of battle, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh was convicted of rape and taken into custody on 25th August 2017.

Ram Rahim Singh’s Net Worth, Cars, Songs, Movies & Much More…

Below are some crazy AF facts about Ram Rahim Singh’s lavish lifestyle!

#1 The Messenger of God!

The Messenger of God or MSG is Ram Rahim Singh’s upcoming movie! The trailer of the same has already been launched and has already received 1.5 million hits! Here’s the poster of Ram Rahim Singh’s movie:

Ram Rahim Singh movie
Credits: Instagram

#2 Love Charger, Chora Babbar Sher Ka, Network Tere Love Ka, Love Rab Se & Thank You For That! WTF?

Wondering what the F*** are those? Those are Ram Rahim Sing’s songs! With catchy music and enlightening videos, Ram Rahim Singh has sold lakhs of solo albums!

#3 Association with a Militant? One more Controversy in His Bucket-List

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh has been associated with militant, Gurjant Singh for years. Gurjant Singh is the militant from the infamous Khalistan Liberation Force.

#4 Talk About Ram Rahim Singh’s Cars…

Known for his extremely lavish lifestyle the Baba cum Rockstar owns as many as 150cars! In fact, if you ever see a Range Rover in Haryana which is followed by hundreds of Ford Endeavours, consider Baba to be in it.

#5 Ram Rahim Singh’s Website!

Check out Gurmeet Ram Rahim Sing’s website by clicking here! Rahim, known for doing stunts in his concert considers himself as a modern Baba! Nobody can deny that he isn’t!

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