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It has been 6 months since the release of Bahubali 2 and Anushka Shetty has still managed to keep her fans awake at night! Anushka Shetty’s photos are always floating in and about any goddam social networking site. Be it Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, Anushka Shetty’s hot pics are everywhere. The “Desi” attire and the western elegance is what makes Shetty so resplendent that be it a person in North India or South, everybody craves for Anushka Shetty hot pics!

Anushka who was seen on-screen as Devasena in Bahubali did a splendid job as a co-star in both movies against Prabhas. Rumours about Prabhas and Anushka’s engagement in December were floating for quite a long time. However, two days back, in an interview, Prabhas told the media that both of them were focussing on their respective careers currently. He acknowledged that Anushka had been his friend since past 10 years but they were not in a relationship ever. Both happy and sad for Prabhas and Anushka fans, I guess?

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Today, SocioFreak intends to make your Sunday a little hotter! Here are 7 latest Anushka Shetty hot pics to turn up that heat…

#1 How’s The 1st of Anushka’s Hot Pics?

Boom! I know she rocked your world…

anushka hot pics
Credits: Facebook

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#2 Anushka Shetty Looks As Sexy in Saree As Sunny in A Bikini!

What a bomb! Anushka Shetty’s saree look is the best. Won’t you agree?

anushka shetty saree
Credits: Instagram

#3 Dancing Hottie!

Here’s an Anushka Shetty image from the sets of her latest movie…

anushka shetty
Credits: Instagram

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#4 Spot The Hotness?

Anushka Shetty in Bahubali was as hot as ever! Here’s a photo from her Bahubali look…

anushka shetty in bahubali
Credits: Instagram

#5 And It Was All Yellow…

Download this Anushka Shetty hot image! Sunday’s wallpaper? *WINK*

anushka shetty hot images
Credits: Instagram

#6 Sexiness in Her Look! Sexiness In Her Saree!

Want a sexy image of Anushka Shetty? Here you go…

anushka shetty sexy photos
Credits: Instagram

#7 Save The Best For The Last…

Here’s 2017’s latest Anushka Shetty hot pic…

latest anushka shetty photo
Credits: Instagram

Not satisfied yet? Need not worry! We have top 10 Anushka Shetty hot pics of all time waiting for you.

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