Anushka Sharma Hot Pics

Happy Birthday, Anushka Sharma! That’s right. It is indeed Anushka Sharma’s bday today and fans are drooling all over Anushka Sharma’s Instagram and Twitter to check out her latest news! Anushka Sharma turned 29 years old today and here is a wave of gossip in the air about Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma getting engaged today. Is it true? I can’t say. Will Virat be proposing to Anushka on her special day? It remains to be seen. For now, I bring to you 10 Anushka Sharma hot pics that will leave you gasping for oxygen! Check them out:

I have never seen Elegance go out of Style

Here’s Anushka Sharma in an authentic dress looking all mature and classy as ever!

Anushka Sharma Boobs
Credits: Instagram

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Confidence breeds Beauty

Anushka Sharma’s photoshoots breed confidence!

Anushka Sharma Hot Photos
Credits: Instagram

All Flavors of Sexiness!

Titillating? Yes! Sensual? Yes! Slinky? Yes! Anushka Sharma looking simply fabulous in a backless saree!

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli
Credits: Instagram

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Her Hottness is Distracting!

With a stunning physique, Anushka becomes a distracting broad!

Anushka Sharma Ass
Credits: Instagram

The Girl with the Yellow Umbrella!

Anushka Sharma wallpapers
Credits: Instagram

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A Classy Woman with a little bit of Hood in Her

Her attitude, sassy! Her looks, classy! Check out Anushka’s classiest pic of all time:

Anushka Sharma naked
Credits: Instagram

And in her Smile, we see something more beautiful than Stars!

Anushka has a gorgeous smile, doesn’t she?

Anushka Sharma Sexy Images
Credits: Instagram

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A Stunning Dress made of Hellfire!

Anushka Sharma sexy photo
Credits: Instagram

A little bit Sassy…

Anushka Sharma Hot
Credits: Instagram

He makes her happy in a way no one else can

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli is THE hottest couple in B-Town! There is absolutely no doubt in it. When are they getting married?…

Anushka Sharma Virat Kohli
Credits: Instagram

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