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Last night I completed the screening of Amala Paul’s Hebbuli and I just could not stop thinking about her! I started doing some research on her and found that there is too much information scattered all over the internet. From controversial roles, action thrillers to aggressive romance, Amala Paul has bared it all on screen! She is one of the most acclaimed actresses of the South Indian movie industry. She is predominantly seen in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies. With a stunning physique, steamy roles and elegant charisma, Paul is definitely my favorite South Indian actress. After two sleepless nights and layers of editing, SocioFreak has brought to you absolutely anything and everything to know about Amala Paul’s wiki including her latest movies, videos and much more!

P.S: Don’t forget to check out Amala Paul’s hot pics in between! Ravishing…

Born in a Christian Family with no Background in the Movie Industry, for Amala it was My Way or the Highway!

Amala’s father, Paul Varghese had always opposed Amala’s dream of becoming an actress. Her mother, Annice Paul, being a singer, was appreciative of Amala’s interests in films and arts. But it was her brother, Abijith Paul who supported her the most. It was because of him that her parents let her pursue the career of her choice after completing her education. Amala has a B.A. degree in English from St. Teresa’s College, Kochi. After entering the film industry and having completed a few projects, Amala launched her brother, Abijith into Tollywood as well.

The Director of the Malayalam Movie Nee-Na, Lal Jose Spotted Amala’s Talent for the first time!

Lal Jose, the infamous director of almost all nook-and-corner Malayalam movies, offered Amala a supporting role in his 2009 movie, Neelathamara. The movie turned out to be a hit. At that time, Amala was barely out of college and just about to start her modeling career.

Amala used Anakha as her On-Screen Name During the Initial Years of her Career!

On director Samy’s assertion, Amala had changed her name to Anakha. However, after the huge failure of the movie, Sindhu Samaveli, Amala reverted to keeping her name as is. She believed that changing her name had been a bad omen for her

Amala Paul’s Relationship with Director, A.L. Vijay is a Mystery left Uncovered…

Amala was rumored to have an affair with director, A.L. Vijay on the sets of Deiva Thirumagal. When asked both of them had denied having a relationship. However, in 2014, the duo announced that they were going to get married. On 12th June 2014, they got married in Chennai at Mayor Ramanathan Chettiar Hall. Sadly, the lovebirds got divorced two years later, supposedly due to differences in lifestyle. The real reason nobody knows…

Amala Paul and Vijay
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Amala has had a very Long Career! To be Precise, she has been Acting for almost 8 Years now!

Starring in almost 50 movies, Amala is a hardworking actress. Known as the most versatile actress of the decade, Amala has a fan following of millions.  If you ever visit Chennai on the day of her movie premiere or release, I bet you’ll see a long queue of greedy fans waiting outside every single cinema theater. It’ll almost make you wonder whether Amala herself has come down to the cinema hall. With controversial roles to bold scenes and sexy dances, Amala is ready to do anything and everything to make a mark in the world of the industry. Here are top five Amala Paul’s movies that you have to watch before you die!:

  • Thalaivaa
  • Kadhalli Sodhappuvadha Yeppadi
  • Vettai
  • Muppozhudhum Un Karpanaigal
  • Bezawada

Some of Amala Paul’s other brilliant movies are, Mynaa, Oru Indian Pranayakatha and Velaiyilla Pattathari.

Who’s the Social-Media-Fanatic? Amala Paul!

Well, do I need to elaborate this? I’m sure all of you are die-hard followers of Amala Paul’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Not a single day goes by when you don’t see Amala posting stuff on her social accounts. This is probably one of the reasons why she is loved and admired by so many. Amala has developed sort of a personal touch with her fans through the use of social media platforms. Be it Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, Amala is actively involved in making her fans happy by having a rapport with them.

Let’s get to business! Here are Amala Paul’s Hot Pics

After all the blabbering about Amala Paul’s wiki, her movies and what not, if I don’t come up with her hot pics, I might as well consider myself dead. Don’t kill me yet because I have here for you some of the sexiest pics of Amala I could get my hands on!

Stay Beautiful!

Amala Paul’s grace is sexier than her beauty!

Amala Paul Nude
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Nothing is Sexier than a Girl who knows how to take Control!

Here’s Amala Paul’s most sexy image of all time:

Amala Paul videos
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The Girl in the RED Saree

Here’s Amala Paul’s desi look!

Amala Paul Hot Pics
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You got your next Wallpaper…

Check out Amala Paul in a hot saree! Sometimes traditional clothing is the best, right?

Amala Paul Saree
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Them: What is Transcendence? Me:

Amala Paul Sexy Photos
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Gasping for breath? We bet! Hand to GOD, She is hot, she is sexy, she is flirtatious and sensuous! Stay tuned to SocioFreak for the latest news on Tollywood and Mollywood movies, songs and much more!

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